Liberty Medical Aid Prices

December 28, 2012

Liberty Medical Aid is about health. Health is a vital requirement for everyone. In fact health is paramount in our search for happiness or success. No one will think a Ferrari is very impressive if they have a headache that won’t quit. Neither will one be keen on making plans for a dream house if they’re wrestling with a chronic ailment.

Most of all, the slightest sickness will make most not to report to their workstations. Any slight compromise to a person’s health has great repercussions to that individual’s productivity. This in extension leads to adverse effects to the individual’s dependants and the nation at large.

Cost of health complications

Remedies to health complications are also costly and will usually eat into a person’s savings or lead to Liberty Medical Aidthe accumulation of debt. To mitigate the cost effects,  you should get medical insurance.

South Africa has several options for insurance solutions with some of the most popular being Bonitas Medical Aid, Discovery Medical Aid and Liberty Medical Aid.

Liberty medical aid scheme, part of the Liberty group, is a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa. It is one of the top 5 medical aids in the country. The scheme offers a variety of 9 different products to suit anyone.

These product options include; Gold focus select, Gold focus, Bona plus, Gold saver select, Gold saver, Titan Select, Platinum Focus, Titan, Platinum saver, Platinum complete, and the Prestige option.

Liberty Medical Aid product options

The Gold focus select, the Gold focus and the Platinum focus are all hospitalisation options. These are the basic medical aid covers affordable to anyone. In these covers, the member will have cover for hospital costs but will have to pay for their own day to day medical expenses.

In the Bona plus option (also known as the Network option), the scheme has a limit for hospital benefits but the benefits for the day to day expenses are far more generous. It is important to note that in this option, Liberty Medical Aid has partnered with the Carecross group.

More Options

The Gold Saver select, the Gold saver, and the Platinum saver options are all under the group of Saver options group. The major uniqueness of the saver option group from the hospitalisation option group is that in the Saver option one can save more. This option is for the individual who wants extensive hospital cover and also wants cover for some of the day to day medical expenses. It should be noted that this option provides the best cover for hospitalization benefits.

The Titan select, the titan, and the Platinum complete are all part of the complete options group. The complete options are favoured by many of the members in Liberty’s medical cover. This is because of their comprehensive nature and their saving options. These medical aid schemes will even extend to give dental benefits to the members.

Finally there is the Prestige option. This option is the most expensive option provided by the Liberty Medical Aid. But in accordance, the benefits are also very many. A major advantage of subscribing under this option is that one is entitled to a personal consultant whom one can reach at any hour of the day in case of an emergency or in case of the slightest problem or query.

All info was correct at time of publishing