Sizwe Medical Fund is a Fund for the Nation

The Sizwe medical fund aims to fulfill a purpose. There was a need in the medical aid market to service those who could not afford traditional cover. This market needed the security that comes with cover from a decent scheme. Medical aids are expensive, and rightly so, given the wide range of benefits the members enjoy. The Sizwe medical scheme however, offers you these benefits, and a whole lot more. And it costs for far less than you would normally pay.

For over 35 years now, the Sizwe medical fund has added value to the market. They have a caring attitude that comes second to none. You can work the various medical aid plans together to come up with the best combination of benefits for you. Or you choose just one of these plans and add or subtract benefits to suit you.

Sizwe Medical FundWhen compared to other schemes in South Africa today, this scheme makes sense on every level. How it compares to a few of these other schemes is shown below.

Medical Aid Schemes In South Africa

The Sizwe medical fund has a strong focus on community. They involve themselves in every aspect of the lives of the communities they service. That makes them a real home for you and you medical aid requirements. Their reach is extensive, so that you would be hard-pressed to find a service provider with similar priorities. The aim of medical aids is to provide a service. You might not think this is essential. However, wait until you have a medical emergency without the security of a healthy bank balance. Then you will quickly learn the importance of being covered by a solid plan.

At the Sizwe medical aid fund, you receive value for money. And they will walk with you through every stage of your life. The hands on approach of the Sizwe medical fund really sets them apart. At Sizwe, health is a top priority, both your physical and mental health, as well as the health of your wallet.

Much like the offerings of the Momentum Health plans, the Sizwe medical fund provides you with specific benefits that truly fit perfectly in your life. From their savings care plan to their full benefits plan, the Sizwe medical fundis truly an all-encompassing medical aid, one that you would do well to look into if you are still shopping around, or if in fact you are thinking of changing you medical scheme.


How Medical Schemes Work

The Sizwe medical fund is not unlike the Discovery medical aid, Fedhealth medical aid and GEMS medical aid. You just need to consult your broker, or call one of their friendly consultants who will guide you in the signing up process. They even have an application form that you can download from their site, or you can sign up online, making them very easy to access. Like the major providers of medical coverage, the Sizwe medical fund will cover your visits to your general practitioner, as well as prescriptions and non-prescriptive medication at a pharmacy. Depending on the plan you choose, the Sizwe medical fund also offers you a range of benefits, including hospitalisation and specific procedures.

What Sizwe Medical Fund Offers

Like Bestmed, the Bonitas medical aid,and Discovery Health, the Sizwe medical fund offers you entry level plans with a wide range of GPs in their network. They also have a savings care plan that offers you no limit when it comes to in-hospital treatments. With this option, you can enjoy the added benefit of having your out-of-hospital costs fitted by your savings, which currently stands at 15% of your total monthly contribution. Not all medical aids are created equal, no doubt, but the Sizwe medical fund is definitely one that should at least get a second look.



All info was correct at time of publishing