Momentum Health Focuses on Prevention

Momentum Health has six medical aid scheme options. All of which come with free healthcare benefits aiming to prevention of illness. These include annual health assessments and free annual influenza vaccines. In addition, members get a dental check-up once a year, a maternity programme for pregnant women and baby immunisations.

Emergency evacuation using Netcare911 is also free.

Momentum Medical Aid Options Favour Prevention and “Health and Financial Wellness”

Momentum medical aid plans are flexible, and they offer members options that encourage both health and financial wellness. Prevention of problems is their main aim. They also give members the opportunity to use specific service providers if they want to save on monthly contributions. These savings can amount to as much as 35 percent.

Momentum Health and Prevention of IllnessThe six medical aid scheme options offered by Momentum Health are:

  1. Ingwe – an affordable entry-level healthcare option that includes over R1 million of hospital cover using the Ingwe network of private hospitals
  2. Access – a scheme that offers medical aid with no overall annual limit for hospitalisation at any Access network private hospitals
  3. Custom – another “no limit” choice that gives two different fee options. It depends on whether you choose your own hospital or stick to the company’s list; access to any doctors or pharmacies for chronic conditions
  4. Incentive – a private hospital medical aid option with lots of choices that determine how much your monthly contribution will be; 10 percent of the contribution goes into savings that you can use for other medical expenses
  5. Extender – very similar to the Incentive plan, this channels 25 percent of your contribution into savings
  6. Summit – Momentum Health’s top medical aid option, the Summit plan has no annual limit for private hospitals and there are extensive chronic and day-to-day benefits from any provider you choose; HealthSaver is optional

All the options include Momentum Health Platform cover.

The Momentum Wellness and Rewards Programme, Multiply

Members who look after their health and concentrate on prevention of illness are rewarded by Momentum Health in the form of discounts and monthly premium savings on annual HealthReturns and life insurance up to a whopping R5 400. Momentum Health

Rewards range from discounts on holidays and travel to savings on goods and gadgets bought online.

The list of partners in the Momentum wellness and rewards programme, Multiply, is already comprehensive, but the company continues to add to it annually. In 2015 Momentum added golfing discounts from playmoregolf SA, the ProShop, and World of Golf and Golf Village. Two other new addition are SmokeEnders that offers a 25 percent discount on membership to Multiply members, and EatForLife (the weight loss programme offered by Run Walk for Life) that offers a 30 percent discount to members of Multiply.

A nominal monthly fee is charged to members who belong to the wellness and rewards programme.

Momentum Health Embraces Technology

Technology has introduced innovation to so many industries, and health and medical care is one of them. Momentum Health offers medical aid members the opportunity to check the suitability of network providers online using mobile sites and mobile apps. These same apps may be used to ask for authorisation for procedures while still in the doctor or medical practitioner’s rooms, and to check savings balances instantly.



All info was correct at time of publishing