What is CureMed?

What is Curemed?

  • FREE medical aid advice
  • Offices in major cities
  • FREE assistance when claiming
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For free independent medical aid advice, look no further than CureMed.

It is one of only a handful of medical aid brokerages that offers personalised and independent advice.

CureMedWith offices situated in the major South African cities, the company offers personal, also,  face-to-face advice from a team of qualified brokers.

Their direct approach helps clients to obtain top-notch advice when it comes to selecting a medical aid package.

Apart from advice on which option will best suit a client’s needs, CureMed also assists people to lodge claims from their medical schemes.

Why CureMed?

With about 83 medical aid schemes from which to choose, it is crucial to make the right decision.

CureMed has also allied itself with well established and reputable South African medical schemes to offer their clients the best possible solutions to their healthcare needs.

Where is CureMed situated?

CureMed is a nationwide company, with walk-in offices in:

  • Cape Town
  • Gauteng
  • Durban


What medical schemes are on offer?

CureMed works closely with:


Gap Cover

Gap Cover has become an essential add-on product to existing medical aid policies.

This product protects clients from the difference between medical aid payment structures and bills imposed by the medical profession.

It has become common practice in South Africa today for medical professionals, including private hospitals, to charge clients up to 500% more than medical aid payment ceilings.

Gap Cover pays in that difference, giving the client peace of mind in times of illness.

Examples of medical aid shortfalls

  • Coronary Bypass leaves a shortfall of R29 153
  • Caesarian section leaves a shortfall of R9 548
  • Appendectomy leaves a shortfall of R14 367


These shortfall amounts will be paid directly into the bank account of a client with Gap Cover.

How does Gap Cover work?

  • Only clients with existing medical aid cover can apply for Gap Cover
  • One premium insures the whole family
  • Gap Cover also will pay up to 500% of the medical scheme tariff rate


What is the procedure?

Apply online for CureMed’s FREE advice.

A personal health advisor from CureMed is assigned to each applicant.

The advisor then draws up a “personalised needs” analysis.

Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Financial situation and budget constraints
  • Health status and needs
  • Domestic portfolio
  • Any current medication prescribed to client
  • Proximity of residence to hospital and medical facilities


This analysis enables CureMed to advise clients on the best medical scheme to meet individual needs.

The information also provides clients with enough knowledge to help them make an informed decision.

CureMed’s pledge

CureMed states that it keeps vigilant about medical scheme assessments and any changes in the industry.

This also enables the company to offer clients the best healthcare products available within their financial means.

So CureMed is a healthcare consultancy and an authorised financial services provider.


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