Topmed Medical Plans

Topmed medical plans come with a wide variety of benefits to fit your health and lifestyle needs. This company has dozens of different medical plans and here are just a few of the ones you can choose between:

Topmed Medical Plans  Р Comprehensive

Meant for older people, retirees and those with serious medical needs. This fund is for those who need access to the highest level of health care. It comes with limitless private hospital and chronic medication benefits. As well as special benefits for hip and knee replacements, strokes and oncology.

Topmed Medical Plans – Executive

Topmed Medical PlansThe executive fund is for business people and affluent clients who want the best healthcare that money can buy. It comes with a full range of benefits which cover hospital stays, day to day benefits and a special TopMed wellness benefits. This plan also includes limitless private hospital benefits plus other lavish bonuses.

Topmed Medical Plans – family

For mature families with 2-3 children who need a medium to high healthcare provision. It comes with unlimited private hospital stays and comprehensive hospital benefits which include benefits for heart attacks, strokes and even post-crime trauma such as muggings and hijackings. There is also ample provision for dental and orthodontic procedures.

Topmed Medical Plans – savings

For new families with younger children who need access to health care. And also comes with comprehensive provisions for infant and toddler care. Also, plus a full spectrum of maternity benefits including 12 ante-natal consultations, ante-natal classes, pre-natal vitamins and even an allowance for home births

Topmed Medical Plans – active saver

It’s for sportspeople and those who make health a priority. It features a medical savings account which helps you pay for any additional health care you may need.¬†

Topmed Medical Plans – essential

Topmed Essential is a hospital plan for younger people (Or those who wish to cover after hospital expenses themselves) who want a medical fund in case of accidents or serious medical events. So just take note that this is a hospital plan only and there are no benefits for day to day medical care. That being said it does come with perks such as post crime counselling and the TopMed wellness benefit.

Topmed Medical Plans – Limited

Limited is Topmeds most basic plan. It functions like a traditional medical aid. Except that certain benefits are limited. Also, with this plan, you will have to pay for your medical expenses and will only be reimbursed once your claim has been submitted.

All info was correct at time of publishing