Key Health gives you affordable healthcare for the family.

The Key Health medical scheme is one of the country’s most affordable medical plans and caters to individuals and groups.

With a membership of more than 88 000, it serves the open market and the local government sector. The group formed in 2007 when Global Health merged with Munimed Medical Schemes.

Key Health medical Scheme and their Plans

Key Health offers a range of cover from a hospital plan to comprehensive plans. You can select the scheme that provides you with the protection you need, at the price that you can afford.

The five Key Health plans are:

  • Essence – Principal member R985, adult dependant R595 and child dependant R302
  • Equilibrium – Principal member R1 274, adult dependant R768 and child dependant R389
  • Silver – Principal member R2 122, adult dependant R1 140 and child dependant R441
  • Gold – Principal member R2 830, adult dependant R1 912 and child dependant R554
  • Platinum – Principal member R4 630, adult dependant R3 245 and child dependant R975

Key Health medical Scheme Plans

The Essence scheme is a low budget plan that offers low cover at a reasonable price. Favoured by younger, healthier members who want basic medical health cover.

The Equilibrium plan provides greater healthcare cover at a limited monthly fee and so Key Health medical schemeit’s the scheme that many small families choose.

With increased hospital cover, the best all-around deal for families is the Silver package.

At the top are the two premium packages, Gold and Platinum. These have the most comprehensive cover of all with very few restrictions.

The intention with the different plans is that you begin with the best package that you can afford. As you get older, and your medical needs change, you’ll move up the ladder to more all-inclusive schemes.

Key Health plans also have a Health Booster wellness programme as an optional extra. The focus of this is on preventative medical care rather than treatment for an existing condition. This means that members get discounts on certain services like gym memberships and flight prices.

Key Health medical scheme – OneCare

Members of Key Health can also make use of a programme called the OneCare Specialist Network, where you can go online and find a network specialist in your area that is pre-approved.

Scheme members are also asked to embrace technology and use the range of tools available like webmail and the SMS system. At the click of a mouse, the email service provides you with any membership details, advice, claims history or benefits that you require.

The SMS facility provides a 24-hour service. You can send specific codes to the SMS number to find out any information you need.

The Key Health Medical Scheme offers in-hospital, out-of-hospital, day-to-day and chronic benefits. It adheres to the PMB’s as ruled by the Medical Schemes Act. These benefits are available even during an exclusion or waiting period.

All info was correct at time of publishing