Find the Best Medical Aid in South Africa

When it comes to medical aids in South Africa, many consumers are finding that they are disappointed; their expectations aren’t being met. However, in medical aid surveys, Bonitas was the one that came out on top. To find the best medical aid in South Africa read further.

To find the best medical aid in South Africa is very difficult. Firstly there are so many medical aids on offer, and secondly, they all offer so many different benefits and options. This sometimes makes it impossible to figure out which one will be best. We also have to contend with the fact that even though our health is imperative, it comes at a high cost. These costs rise rapidly every year. For the consumer this affects membership to a scheme, it affects the contribution rates as well as increases. These also are often higher than the general inflation rates.

Consider some important points to find the best medical aid in South Africa

Find The Best Medical Aid In South AfricaSchemes try their best to contain costs as more and more people put in claims. They then try and make changes to their benefits and their plans which often surprise consumers. That is why it is imperative to do an annual review of your medical aid scheme to ascertain whether your needs are being met. You need to benefit from your medical aid, not your medical aid benefit from your input! Some important things to consider when choosing a medical scheme:

  1. Who is administrating the medical aid scheme – have they got a good track record when it comes to client services?
  2. What coverage are you getting from your medical aid? Most medical schemes pay the claim depending on the option. That is usually between 100-300% of medical scheme rates.
  3. Find out about co-payments as many medical schemes apply for these payments. You usually have to fork out of your pocket
  4. Determine what coverage you have as mentioned above, but also the exclusions. You want no surprises
  5. Many medical schemes are using provider networks to save costs. Sometimes you want to stay with your hospital or doctor of your choice outside the network providers, and you will have to pay penalty co-payments or any differences in costs
  6. Schemes often implement their choice of providers for chronic medication. If you don’t want to receive your medication from the designated provider, you can well face a co-payment penalty. You might not be able to get your medicines from your pharmacist with whom you might have built a relationship around your medical history
  7. Know what your rights are. Read the disclaimers, read the rules of your scheme, your obligations and rights.


Save yourself stressful times by not having a medical aid

If you want to receive the best in medical care in South Africa, you are going to have to choose a decent medical aid – it’s an essentiality. When you invest in one of the best medical schemes in South Africa, it is important that your chosen one is solvent and stable. The best medical schemes in South Africa are at the top of the list for a good reason; they are stable; they offer the best service, and they have been around for many years, gaining their good reputation. You just can’t afford to be without at least some medical assistance.

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