Medshield Hospital Plans

You never know when something is going to happen or when you’ll need medical care. Here we will have a look at Medshield hospital plans.

Which is why It’s important to have adequate medical coverage in case you get sick or are in an accident.

But If you cannot afford a full medical aid then don’t worry because hospital plans are just as good. Hospital plans cover sickness, accidents and will provide you with the necessary medical care if something happens to you.

(The good ones also come with in-hospital procedures and health checks, and most of the time you will not have to pay extra for this.)

That being said, if you’re going to get a hospital plan, please go to which procedures are covered.

This way you’ll know when you have to pay more.


Medishield Hospital plans are perfect for people who:

  • Are young and have only them to look after.
  • Are seeking medical coverage in case of an emergency or accident.
  • Have just started working and are looking for medical aid which fits into their budget.


It’s a good idea, to begin with, a hospital plan and then go onto other schemes as you make more money, grow older or start a family.

How to get Medshield Hospital Plans

Medshield Hospital PlansMedShield has many different plans which provide excellent medical care for their members.

Their plans can be used from anyone, from people who are young and healthy to those who are older and plagued by chronic health conditions.

What’s also nice about their plans is that you can upgrade whenever you want, meaning you can start at an affordable rate and move to the next plan when you’re ready, or making more money.

Their most comprehensive hospital plan is the Medshield Core Plus

This plan gives you limitless hospital coverage at any facility in the MedShield network.

On this plan, there are some procedures which require pre-payment, such back surgery and oncology drugs (Detailed information as to which procedures need to be pre-paid is available from MedShield.)

Other plans and after hospital benefits

The Medshield Essential plan is for those who need day-to-day benefits but cannot afford to join a complete medical aid.

You get unlimited admittance into hospitals in their network, and a medical savings account which funds day-to-day benefits.

The Standard plans come with the same benefits, except it has maternity benefits added in.

Most people consider medical aid a must have because you never know when something will go wrong

But this doesn’t mean you have to get an expensive plan with bells and whistles.

A hospital plan covers 90% of what you’ll need and Medshield hospital plans are more than enough, no matter what stage of life you are at.

If your budget does not allow for a full medical aid, then choose a hospital plan from Medshield, and you’ll get professional care whenever you need it.

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