Essential Points to Consider About Medical Aid

Millions of people in South Africa consider medical aid plans to spare themselves the horror of landing up in a state hospital. Sometimes medical aid is offered by an employer. Otherwise, people take out their plans. There are many policy options and even more medical aid companies. By doing some research, you can discover the relevant factors and approach the selection process with confidence. There are Essential points to consider.

You want Added Value Too

Certainly, a medical aid that provides excellent customer services and significant added value will be important factors. We look at some essential points that are worth considering about your medical aid.

Essential Points to Consider

Essential Points to Consider

  • Make sure that you choose your medical aid plan from an honest, financially sound, reputable medical aid. You’ll want to know its is  according to the Medical Schemes Act. South Africa has many of these, and good examples are Bonitas, Selfmed, Momentum Health and Liberty Health among many others.
  • Is your doctor part of the network? If you’re confident in your doctor, you won’t want to commit your life into someone else’s hands. All medical insurance companies have a network of physicians as well as medical facilities that they work with. Check out whether your doctor is part of the system. If you visit someone who’s out of the network, your claim could be denied, or they may not cover the entire costs. You want to be sure that your insurance plan also provides you with a right mix of providers and clinics or hospitals in the area you live in. Medical aid schemes in South Africa cover some 27 conditions which form a chronic disease list. These are known as prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs). Schemes may want you to use a designated service provider so as to get your chronic medicine for these 25 conditions.



  • How much is your monthly premium going to cost You? What can you afford? A lower premium may seem ideal, but it may not cover all the medical services you require. Make sure you understand your medical needs. How often do you visit the doctor in a year and do you have a chronic condition? Do you take regular prescriptions? How old are you? Maybe you’re over 50 and feeling that you’ve reached a time in your life when you’re going to be needing more comprehensive benefits.
  • Make sure you understand at what rate you’ll be safe at. It’s because some medical aid plans say they cover you for 100%. It doesn’t meet that you won’t be paying anything towards your medical bill. Some top-of-the-range plans cover you for 500%.  Obviously, this is what everyone would like. If your specialist charges more than the medical scheme rate, you have to pay this amount of out of your pocket, and this is where gap cover becomes useful.


Selfmed Suits You and Your Family, Essential Points to Consider

When looking to take out a medical aid, the best one is going to be the one that suits your budget and requirements. Selfmed is one medical aid worth looking at because they offer a range of medical aid plans to suit your budget. Their customer services are also excellent, and they advise you to contact them if you need to discuss your medical aid needs with a reputable, leading medical aid company in South Africa.


All info was correct at time of publishing