Momentum Health Ranked Among South Africa’s Best

In South Africa starting the new year with some important lifestyle changes can improve your overall health and physical well-being. Many people have discovered the horror of losing a loved one thanks to the crippled public health system. Look at the best Momentum health plans for a solution!

Sick and Tired

Sick and tired of their experiences, they are starting to look with new eyes at private health care plans. Momentum Health is one of South Africa’s leading  private health care plan providers. Their success, just like Discovery Medical Aid and Sizwe Medical Aid comes from offering their members many choices and affordability. Sizwe’s slogan ‘Caring for the Health of the Nation’ sums up what the medical aids can offer South Africans. Unlike the public health sector, the private health sector cares and provides quality medical attention.

Health Care Plans

Best Momentum Health PlansWhen deciding on the type and extent of health care plans in South Africa, make sure the plan covers all your present and future health requirements. You will find something among the best Momentum health plans.  When buying private health insurance, compare plans and check the extent of cover. South Africans are battling financially, and there has been a resurgence of interest in hospital plans. Well known hospital plan providers in South Africa include Bonitas, Fedhealth, Momentum Health, Discovery Health and Bestmed. If you are looking for health care plans and don’t know where to start, compare health insurance quotes to find the most affordable one to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Is Momentum the Best Medical Aid?

We are living in difficult economic times where every penny counts. It is therefore not surprising that reputable financial comparison websites claim that Momentum Insurance is ranked as one of the best medical aids. The medical scheme consistently receives the highest average ratings from consumers. .

Best Momentum Health PlansWhat makes Momentum Medical Aid one of the best medical aids is that they offer a variety of free preventative care benefits including an annual health assessment. By joining Momentum’s wellness programme, Multiply, members get to receive great discounts from more than 40 providers. People who sign up with Momentum Health know they will be enjoying reliability and financial stability. This is because Momentum has a Global Credit Rating of AA- as well as a solvency ratio of 28%. Members are sure of a stable medical aid that will be sure to pay out claims.

For young couples considering parenthood, their vote goes to the best Momentum Health plans This is because members who register on the maternity programme between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy qualify for up to 12 antenatal visits at a gynaecologist. Momentum’s Health Platform benefit also covers 2 paediatrician visits in the child’s first year. Another reason Momentum Health is considered to be one of the best medical aids is that when you register on the maternity programme, you get ‘The pregnancy and birth book” by Tina Ottes, a great help for first-time moms. There are also lots of other wonderful benefits on the maternity programme.

Momentum Health Medical Aid

Momentum Health is one of the respected names in the South African insurance industry. The medical aid was established in 1966 and is the third largest open medical aid in South African with about 100,000 members. Not long ago, in 2012, this medical aid won an award for being South Africa’s top healthcare administrator. Momentum health plans are varied and allow members to shape their healthcare cover to suit their needs precisely. They have 6 options to suit different budgets and medical needs. These options include Custom, Incentive, Extender, Summit, Access or Ingwe options. Ingwe is their budget option while their Summit option is their premium which gives members assess to any hospital and no overall annual limit.

Unlike some of the other open medical aid schemes, the best Momentum Health plans reward its members with free GP visits.  Apart from the in-hospital benefits Momentum also provides specialist cover and preventative care.

Assess your reasons for getting a medical aid. With a quality medical aid like Momentum Health, it is safe to say that people with medical aids in South Africa live well and they live longer than those without.


All info was correct at time of publishing