Liberty Medical Aid Boasts Numerous Options

The Liberty Health Medical Aid is one of South Africa’s top five medical schemes, and to make it easier for members to choose suitable cover and contribution rates, it has an easy-to-use online “comparison tool” and “option matchmaker”.

While the company talks about one medical aid fitting all its members, the options are in fact vast and varied. First, identify what level of medical aid cover you want and need. Then look at the contribution you can afford to pay each month.

How to Identify the Best Liberty Health Medical Aid Option for You

Liberty Health Medical AidThe only difference between any of the Liberty Health medical aid schemes is the extent of cover provided and the amount of money paid each month. Nevertheless, there are at least 11 different options, listed here from most expensive to the least expensive:

  1. Traditional Ultimate – offers ultimate flexibility and the most comprehensive cover possible
  2. Complete Plus – offers excellent hospital and day-to-day cover with freedom of choice when it comes to service providers
  3. Saver Plus – a good family option with a savings benefit
  4. Complete Standard – another good family option offering freedom of choice and both hospital and day-to-day health care
  5. Hospital Plus – a good option that gives peace of mind in case of unexpected medical costs
  6. Complete Select – lower contributions are possible using only network facilities and, in the case of chronic conditions, public hospitals
  7. Saver Standard – good for single people as well as young families. This option focuses on things like chronic medication for children and private ward fees for birth
  8. Saver Select – similar options to the previous scheme. This one has network facilities and, in the case of chronic medicine, the need to attend a state facility
  9. Hospital Standard – an ideal option for people who have never had a medical aid before
  10. Traditional Standard – an affordable, relatively low-cost option that still provides comprehensive cover using network facilities
  11. Hospital Select – the least expensive option that does mean sacrificing some freedom to choose

Liberty Medical AidA full, detailed description of exactly what is offered is available on the Liberty website.

Chronic Cover Provided by Liberty Medical Scheme

Chronic illness is something that everyone fears, and the cover of chronic illness does vary in the different Liberty medical aid schemes. For instance, the Traditional Ultimate plan covers 69 chronic conditions, including the 27 that are categorized Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions; and the Complete Plus plan covers 65 chronic illnesses. All the other Liberty medical schemes only cover the 27 PMBs, and some specify that medicine must be obtained from state hospitals.

In terms of the Medical Schemes Act, all medical aid schemes must cover these 27 chronic conditions, as well as the 270 legally defined PMB diagnoses, and any emergency medical condition that is life threatening.

The Liberty Own Your Life Rewards Programme

For a small additional monthly fee, members of any Liberty Medical Scheme may join the rewards programme. This enables you to earn “Lifestyle Rands” at more than 200 Liberty “partners”, where you are able to eat out, shop for essential health and beauty products, buy clothes, book hotels and a lot more.




All info was correct at time of publishing