GEMS Medical Aid Increase 2017

The GEMS medical aid increase 2017 has been announced. And members are going to experience premium increases of 16% (Emerald Plans) and 17,8% (Onyx Plans).

GEMS is the South African Government Employees Medical Scheme, which has been haemorrhaging cash over the past year.

The GEMS medical aid increase 2017 for the particular salary groups is as follows:


R0 – R11 892 – Rises from R4 137 to R4 800

R11 892 – R20 538 – Increases from R4 614 to R5 353

R20 538 + – Goes from R5 152 to R5 977


R0 – R11 892 – Rises from R6 413 to R7 558

R11 892 – R25 339 – Goes from R6 703 to R7 899

R25339+ – Increases from R7 298 to R8 601


Gems Medical Aid Increase 2017

Reason for GEMS Medical Aid Increase 2017

The biggest price rise ever in GEMS premiums is mainly because GEMS places no limits on member spending like other medical schemes.

Dr Guni Goolab, the CEO of GEMS, says the scheme has put several mechanisms in place to stop the “opportunistic” use of GEMS medical aid benefits.

One of these is a waiting period for people who resign from the scheme but who remain working for the state, and then want to sign up again.

GEMS has introduced a new plan, namely the Emerald Value plan. Importantly, this is a network hospital plan, meaning that beneficiaries will have to use particular hospitals and adhere to definite rules.

Emerald Value is cheaper than the standard Emerald plan. However, if members do not follow the rules of the plan, then they will have to pay fines. Reportedly, GEMS expects many members to switch from Emerald to Emerald Value.

Pensioners Hard Hit by GEMS Medical Aid Increase 2017

Onyx members, who include thousands of pensioners who moved over from Medihelp to GEMS in 2012, apparently will be hard hit by the increases. Some principal members will experience a 19% premium increase.


All info was correct at time of publishing