Why is Cutting Medical Aid to Save Money a Bad Idea?

Why does Resolution Health say that cutting medical aid is a bad idea?

  1. Young people can’t be relying on their ‘young, healthy’ status – a stroke can happen on holiday to young people too.
  2. Things happen, circumstances change especially on holiday when people act more recklessly.
  3. By cutting medical aid out completely, you won’t have a good safety net in case of illness or accident.
  4. Medical expenses while abroad or in South Africa can be astronomically expensive, so it’s imperative to have medical cover
  5. Extreme sports and other hazardous activity cover will take care of accidents that can happen while you’re doing risky activities. Check with your medical aid provider

Considering Cutting Medical Aid?

South Africans are looking seriously at their household finances and where they can reduce. And they’re looking at cutting medical aid back or eliminating it entirely.

Cutting Medical Aid AdviceMedical insurance premiums take out a chunk of a medical aid member’s salary each month,  and they see this money as a way to rather ensure the festive season is indeed full of jolliness.

Insurance is Always First to come Under Review

As the economy continues to worsen, people are starting to make irrational choices about their budgets. That is especially so because many companies aren’t paying bonuses this year.

One area of expenditure that always comes under the spotlight when people want to have more money, is insurance. People are willing to downgrade to a more basic plan that provides lower levels of cover. Others go a step further and cancel their policies outright.

Mark Arnold, Principal Officer of Resolution Health Medical Scheme, warns that this should be the very last thing you think of doing. No one can dispute the nightmare of a blissful holiday turning into an horrific time because of a terrible injury or a heart attack.

The Festive Season sees a Spike in Accidents

Your carefree, sunny days can quickly turn into a dark, threatening storm of tragedy and great financial loss by cutting medical aid. This scenario can be  minimized or eliminated with reasonable precautions in place – a ‘safety-net’ – such as good medical care during a time when there is a spike in accidents as well as crime.

  • Most importantly – make sure your insurance coverage is adequate
  • If you are travelling abroad, it may be necessary to purchase additional health insurance
  • Make sure your vehicle is serviced and roadworthy before you depart
  • A fantastic free and universal app. LogBox, allows you to capture and share your personal medical information with medical practitioners without the need to repeatedly fill in forms at each medical practice you use. The app isn’t restricted to any medical aid or hospital.
  • Have a first-aid kit in your holiday accommodation and also in your car. Important additions in the kit should include a thermometer, antiseptic solutions, plasters, eye wash, painkillers, antihistamines, anti-diarrheal medication and anti-motion sickness medication.


Medical Aid – Your Lifeline this Festive Season

Going away for the festive season can be the break you’ve been longing for. Yes, medical aid is costly – a grudge purpose that you may believe you can do without. Don’t cancel or go cutting medical aid down to the minimum as a means to have extra money this festive season.

Nobody can say what will happen in the next days. A carefree holiday is one where if tragedy strikes, you’ll have the means, the support and the care to get you and your family out of, what could be the worst holiday of your life without medical aid.


All info was correct at time of publishing