Momentum Medical Aid Plans offer Affordable Healthcare

To be without a medical aid in South Africa can be frightening. The public healthcare system in this country is grossly inadequate. The advantage of medical aids in South Africa is thatĀ  you can undergo any treatment and recuperate in clean, bacteria-free surroundings. With Momentum Medical Aid Plans, you have cover.

Medical aids in South Africa

Momentum Medical Aid PlansSouth Africa has many medical aids to choose from. When you become a member of Momentum Medical Aid plans, you enjoy a high standard of care. They offer accommodation in hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment and the latest technologies.

The quality of care is high because schemes such as Bonitas medical aid plans, Liberty Medical Aid, Discovery medical aid plans as well as Momentum plans have to meet certain quality and safety standards.

Affordable Healthcare

South African medical aids help you pay all health care fees in exchange for an affordable healthcare premium. As a policy holder with Momentum, you pay a monthly fee. And then you then have cover up to a certain amount. Top medical professionals have abandoned the badly run state funded facilities, adding to their difficulties. They prefer to work in private, well run hospitals and clinics which don’t compromise on quality .

Momentum Medical Aid allow consumers to choose from plans which provide disease management programmes, lifestyle rewards and excellent hospitalisation.


Momentum Medical Aid Plans

These plans are open; this means they provide health care to anyone interested in joining their affordable healthcare system.

Momentum Health Medical Aid started in 2004. With a membership of some 90,000 families, a global credit rating of A+, they are the 5th largest medical aid provider in South Africa.

Momentum Medical Aid have been put together to cater for all kinds of people; from low-income groups right up to mature members requiring specialised medical care and hospitalisation. Some of their special benefits include their HealthSaver features where members can save for day-to-day medical expenses as well as their Health Funder — a savings feature which allows members to save towards post-retirement healthcare costs by means of an investment plan.

Students also gravitate towards Momentum Health because it is affordable healthcare they can relate to. Apart from a 24 hour toll-free medical advice line, they have access to all private hospitals and they covered for the repatriation of mortal remains when studying in a foreign country.

As a leading provider of affordable health insurance, Momentum Health provides its members with an excellent range of comprehensive and affordable medical insurance quotes and policies. Therefore each of Momentum Medical Aid plans will cover you for certain medical expenses. The benefits you enjoy will depend on the particular plan you are on.

Momentum Medical Aid plans are made up of different options – Access, Incentive, Extender, Ingwe, Custom and Summit options. And each of these Momentum Medical Aid Plans offer major medical benefits, chronic benefits, day-to-day benefits as well as a health saver option. This health saver option allows you to add more cover for those medical expenses by you contributing an additional amount.

Awesome Savings with a Rewards Programme

They also have their Momentum Multiply Plan which is their rewards programme. Multiply offers awesome savings from many different partners such as Dischem, Virgin Active and Protea Hotels for starters. Guaranteed discount for Bronze status members start at 10% while it can be as much as 50% if you are on Private Club status.

The Medical Aid Scheme that Suits Health and Budget Requirements

The Internet is full of sites which represent the best medical aids in South Africa. MomentumĀ  Medical Aid Plans can be compared to other schemes but their plans have been specifically designed to cater for low-income, entry-level customers to those looking for high-end cover that will cater for their needs as they approach their golden years.


All info was correct at time of publishing