Discovery Medical Aid Plans Aim to Make People Healthier

Established as a small medical scheme 20 years ago, Discovery is now a multifaceted financial services organization that aims to make, and keep, people healthy. In fact it has become the largest private healthcare “funder” in the country. Its medical scheme products are all health and wellness focused including the various Discovery medical aid plans.

One of the most important things for members of medical aid schemes is the knowledge that their claims will get paid. Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the only South African open medical scheme  that has a global credit rating of AA+, so there’s no risk for members.

Discovery Medical Aid Plans Are Varied

There are a number of different plans ranging from affordable KeyCare Series medical aid plans to the Executive Plan that offers the highest possible benefits. It just depends what you and your family need. The four Discovery medical aid plans that are “series” plans give options in terms of how much members pay monthly and exactly what they get in return.

Executive Series

The Executive Plan provides extensive cover for members, both in and out of hospital. For instance there is unlimited cover for all private hospitals, including cover for private wards. Specialists in hospitals are also fully covered, as is chronic medication for all the conditions on the Chronic Disease List plus a few additional ones. Members of this medical aid plan have access to specialised medical care in South Africa and overseas, and medical emergencies are covered when travelling.

Happy Discovery MembersUndoubtedly the most elite of the Discovery medical aid plans, the Executive Plan incorporates the highest savings account of all the plans, with an unlimited “above threshold benefit” that covers day-to-day health and medical needs.

Comprehensive Series

The Comprehensive Series is another of the Discovery medical aid plans that provides unlimited private hospital cover as well as guaranteed full cover for specialists, though at a lower rate than the Executive Plan (200 percent instead of 300 percent of the Discovery Health Rate). Full chronic medicine cover is also covered, as well as specialised advanced medical care and medical emergency cover while travelling.

Comprehensive, as its name suggests, this is one of the Discovery medical aid plans that incorporates a high savings account facility.

Priority Series

The Priority Series is positioned as one of the Discovery medical aid plans that give effective cover both in hospital and out of hospital. Like the previous plans there is unlimited cover in any of the country’s private hospitals as well as guaranteed full cover for specialists while you are in hospital. Chronic diseases are covered and there is available cover for medical emergencies while travelling.

Discovery Medical Plan OptionsAgain, this is one of the Discovery medical aid plans that offers peace of mind with a savings account and “above threshold benefits” for day-to-day needs, although these benefits are limited. It’s all got to do with your priorities, and there is a savings account included in the plan.

Saver Series

The Saver Series trims down cover and costs, but still provides unlimited private hospital cover, like the other Discovery medical aid plans. All chronic diseases on the official list are covered, and specialist fees charged while in hospital are fully covered.

Day-to-day healthcare needs are, as for other Discovery medical aid plans covered by a savings account.
The Core Series provides cost effective cover for chronic medicine and in-hospital costs, including unlimited private hospital cover. There is no savings account with this plan.

Keycare Series

The KeyCare Series provides the most affordable medical aid cover available from the choice of Discovery medical aid plans. There is unlimited hospital cover and specialists that attend you while in hospital are covered up to 100 percent of the Discovery Health Rate. KeyCare network hospitals and specialists must be used.