Momentum Medical Scheme


The Momentum medical scheme, an open scheme, is one of the largest in South Africa, providing medical care for more than a hundred thousand families. The scheme is unique in the sense that it offers its members savings of more than a third if they opt to use certain approved service providers.

With the cost of medical aid in South Africa such savings can often make the difference between being able to afford cover or not. 


What does this medical scheme offer that is unique?

This company claims unique advantages when compared with other schemes. The mosty important of these are listed below.


  • Members are able to schedule free annual scans or preventive consultations to make sure that there are no dreaded disease lurking in the background.


  • Members have control over their health care savings. The Healthsaver plan is flexible and allows members to decide just how they want to manage the funds available. For example, it may be used to pay for additional needs, such as vitamins and supplements.


  • An incentive scheme allows members to earn up to five thousand four hundred rand simply for being active. This benefit includes a free health assessment.


  • The company offers its members substantial discounts in conjunction with trading partners such as Virgin Active.


What are the main benefits?

Just like most other medical aid schemes, Momentum offers various levels of cover designed to meet the Momentum Medical Schemeneeds and budgets of all its members. Benefits sometimes apply to only certain levels of cover and new members must think carefully about their own requirements before choosing between the various Momentum medical aid options.


  • Members are covered for hospitalization and a wide variety of procedures that can be performed in a doctor’s surgery or at an outpatient facility. There are no limits for treatment in a hospital.


  • Out-of-hospital benefits cover every day medical expenses. There are conditions that limit the number of visits to a general practitioners and the types of medication that can be prescribed but members are able to supplement the amount available for this cover through the savings plan that form part of every member’s portfolio.


  • Members are fully covered for the treatment of all life threatening diseases as specified in the Chronic Disease List. There is no limit to this cover, but it is restricted to out-of-hospital treatment.


  • Momentum offers additional cover for up to five and a half million Rand for members that travel abroad. The cover includes medical emergencies and even catastrophes such as terrorist attacks and kidnappings. There are additional fees to be paid, but these are surprisingly reasonable.



Most medical aid schemes offer various types of cover but Momentum has gone the extra mile to make sure that most people will be able to afford at least some form of cover.

Members of Momentum are able to manage their contributions and the benefits that they receive as their circumstances change. This schem also offers an excellent consultation service by means of their website and they even have a mobile platform that allows members access to advice and emergency numbers at all times.