Bonitas Medical Scheme


Bonitas medical scheme prides itself on their ability to offer affordable medical aid. They are of the opinion that no other scheme offers such a variety of plans that enable almost everybody to afford at least some basic cover.

Nobody will argue that medical costs have skyrocketed to the extent that very few people are able to afford even the most basic medical care unless they have some form of insurance. The company has a long and reputable history of providing medical cover to people that would otherwise not be able to afford it.


In fact, during those awful years when certain services were only available to whites, they already Bonitas Medical Schemeattempted to offer basic services to disenfranchised people.


What does Bonitas offer?

  • The company offer a variety of plans that are designed to meet every possible need and budget.


  • The BonComprehensive plan does just what the name implies. It is the flagship of Bonitas medical, offering unlimited consultations with medical practitioners and major medical cover of up to three hundred percent over the basic medical aid rates.


  • The BonEssential plan is meant for young, healthy and fit people and is in essence a hospital plan. It covers all Prime Medical Benefits listed in the relevant act, but it offers extended cover in cases of hospitalization.


  • The BonSave plan is a basic yet flexible hospital plan that allows members to manage their day-to-day medical needs with a savings plan.


  • The Standard option offers unlimited annual overall benefits, comprehensive hospital cover and generous day-to-day benefits. Chronic medicine benefits are included as well as advanced dentistry, something not always found with other plans.


  • The Traditional option focus on affordable cover. The company recognizes the fact that many people are only able to afford basic care. Members must not be in need of chronic medicines and they must be healthy. Major medical expenses are covered fully at the standard medical scheme rate.


  • Bonitas medical also acknowledges the fact that some people simply cannot afford full or comprehensive cover. BonCap is a plan that is fundamentally meant for people who are willing to consult only with preferred service providers. This plan includes cover for medical expenses incurred while in hospital and will pay the full approved scheme rate.


How to choose a plan

There are two main and very basic criteria that will dictate the type of plan that should be seriously considered:


  • The funds available for a medical aid scheme. It is no use opting for a plan that will deprive the family of enjoying a reasonable standard of living. If limited funds are available it may be more realistic to opt for an affordable plan. On the other hand, however, it would be extremely foolish to think that there are no funds available while the family is able to enjoy extended, expensive holidays, while new cars are purchased regularly and where luxuries abound.


  • The risk assessment of the main member and the other beneficiaries. If the risk is medium to high, it is only prudent to do everything possible to get the very best cover that is available.



The Bonitas medical scheme has an excellent reputation and the offer a wide variety of plans that should suit most budgets. As with any other service, however, consumers must realize that they and they alone are responsible for the decisions that they make.

It is important to conduct research, to ask questions and to eschew any service provider that fails to provide detailed and understandable information when requested to do so.