Momentum medical aid wants you healthy and happy.

Momentum medical aid provides a healthcare plan designed to suit your needs. The plan provides peace of mind when in the hospital with a serious illness. You also have the chance to save up to 35% on your monthly fees. And you can earn up to R5 400 cash back via their HealthReturns programme.

Momentum medical Aid entry-level members

The Ingwe option is a cheap medical aid plan for entry-level members. Perfect for people who want hospital cover either within the Ingwe Network of private hospitals or State hospitals.

The healthcare doctors in the network provide 19 specialised procedures which include prescribed medicine and GP visits. Limited to R950 000 per family per annum, the plan covers chronic day-to-day medication.

Momentum medical Aid and Private hospital Cover

Another cheap plan with Momentum is the Access option. It provides private hospital cover at the Access Network of hospitals without an overall annual limit. The Access Primary Momentum Medical AidCare network provides access to chronic day-to-day treatments and healthcare providers.

The Major Medical Benefit includes specialised treatments but you need pre-authorisation.

The Health Platform Benefit creates health awareness amongst patients and covers preventative care and early detection of illnesses. There is also a maternity programme along with health education and advice.

Momentum custom Option

The Custom Option provides cover for private hospitals with no overall annual limit. Members can either choose a discount on their fees by using a hospital from their list. Or choose to have access to any hospital. That choice also applies to chronic treatment. Members can have access to any doctor and chemist or choose from a list.

The HealthReturns programme gives You something Back

Momentum medical aid is one of the best medical aid plans for giving back to their members. The HealthReturns programme allows members to earn up to R5 400 in returns per annum as well as free doctor’s consultations. The HealthSaver is a great add-on that provides, even more, cover than the day-to-day benefits included in some of the plans.

The MultiplyWellness programme allows for increased HealthReturns and the opportunity to double cash back.

Momentum medical Aid and the HealthPlatform

Momentum’s HealthPlatform provides free annual check-ups and maternity benefits. It also allows for early prevention of illness. In the event of death, critical illness or impairment of the spouse, HealthWaiver ensures that cover will carry on.

Momentum urges their members to be fit and healthy and therefore have joined with fitness partners to offer great rewards via a points system.

Discounts are offered when joining a gym. Momentum will pay the once-off start-up fee and reward members with discounts based on the number of times they visit the gym. There is a chance to reduce your monthly fees.

Momentum has also joined with various stores, airlines and movie houses to offer rewards for their members, making health plans you can afford.

All info was correct at time of publishing