Best Medical Scheme


It is a sad fact that so many people spend so much energy and money into the achievement of their goals, never thinking about the fact that an illness or an accident can change their lives in an instant. When this happens the most important thing in life becomes one’s health and without proper care managed by the best medical scheme and the most modern treatment methods life can become a long, awful nightmare of pain and misery. When setting out to compare medical aids, however, one quickly finds out that it is an extremely difficult task that requires a lot of study and research.


How do you rate a scheme?

In terms of the act that governs the establishment and management of medical aid schemes certain Best Medical Schemebenefits must be covered by the scheme. This forms a basis that must be part of any scheme, regardless of the cost or other terms and conditions. Other factors that should be considered include:

  • Using the basic prescribed conditions as a foundation for further research the benefits of each scheme under evaluation can be listed together with the conditions attached to those benefits and the cost involved.


  • The best medical scheme is not necessarily the one that offers the most benefits or incentives and neither is it necessarily the cheapest ones. Rather, the best scheme is the one that is most appropriate for the members in their present circumstances. Younger, healthy people, for example, may justifiably expect to visit a medical practitioner less often and consume less medication than an older person. They therefore may need cover that concentrate less on diseases typically associated with older people and rather opt for more comprehensive benefits in those areas where they are most at risk.


  • Most people do not fully understand the terms and conditions detailed in their contracts. It may therefore be wise to obtain advice from a broker that specializes in this type of cover. It is preferable to consult an independent broker that is not affiliated with any specific company.


  • It may even be advisable to consult a medical expert in order to obtain a professional health risk assessment. The medical practitioner will be able to provide valuable advice based on the lifestyle of the patient, the medical history of his family and even his hobbies and career. This assessment can form an important source of information when making a final decision regarding medical aids. Cheap medical aids may suffice for the time being in cases where the risk is very low.



The best medical scheme is the one that is best for a specific set of circumstances. This requires that the cover offered by a specific medical scheme be re-evaluated constantly as circumstances change. Additions to the family, changes in careers, new hobbies and aging may all demand a new level of cover. It is also important to remember that new products are made available continuously and the terms and conditions of existing contracts change regularly.

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