Discovery Health Plans

The largest health care provider in the country, Discovery Health Plans, offers medical plans for all pockets and needs. Check out these 9 reasons to choose a Discovery Health medical aid or hospital plan:

  1. Discovery has a strong financial grounding with several billion Rand in reserves. That means Discovery pays claims quickly and with minimal effort on the policy holder’s part.
  2. Discovery Health Plans cater to every possible need. Members can upgrade or downgrade as their circumstances shift without having to look towards other medical aid schemes.
  3. The scheme offers the lowest annual increases compared to all the other bigwigs in the field.
  4. A number of the health plans include cover when travelling overseas and members can take advantage of benefits in sub-Saharan Africa too, such as emergency evacuations. Discovery has their very own evacuation helicopters.
  5. Discovery Health PlansSome of the plans Discovery offer cover innovative medical technologies as well as costly medication. In certain circumstances, treatment is available from overseas specialists if the appropriate treatment isn’t available in South Africa.
  6. You get to control your day-to-day medical expenses thanks to the medical savings accounts (MSA) and carries over unused funds to the next time period.
  7. The screening and prevention benefit means members can enjoy a range of preventive procedures or treatments.
  8. Discovery is so big they’re able to negotiate better rates from specialists, GPs and hospitals which mean more affordable medical care for its members.
  9. Members of Discovery health plans can join Vitality which is a program aimed at holistic wellness offering a range of enticing benefits.

The Discovery Health Plans

Each Discovery plan meets specific needs, from basic hospital plans to high-end plans. They’ve grouped their offerings into six ranges:

  1. Executive Plan – this is the most comprehensive offering. Besides extensive hospital benefits there are chronic illness and day-to-day healthcare benefits and members have full access to the latest medical technology.
  2. Comprehensive – this range offers full hospitalisation cover along with superb day-to-day benefits. There is also a savings plan which makes provision for expenses that fall above the prescribed thresholds.
  3. Priority – this range also offers a medical savings account which helps when members have exceeded their plan’s expense limits. Medication for numerous approved chronic conditions is covered and members also have access to trauma recovery benefits.
  4. Saver – not just a hospital plan, the saver range offers members access to hospital treatment and medication for chronic conditions. There is full cover for day-to-day medical expenses. Members can choose to use the Delta Network meaning they will need to use the Delta hospitals, making the plans in the Saver range even more affordable.
  5. Core – this series allows access to medicine for certain approved chronic conditions as well as in-hospital benefits. Members of the Core series can opt for the Delta Network options too.
  6. Keycare – this series is aimed at covering the lower income groups. It’s affordable care within a network of approved hospitals as well as primary care doctors.

If you’re not sure which of these Discovery Health Plans would be ideal for you, chat to a consultant to make sure you get the right cover.


All info was correct at time of publishing