Know what to buy when you look for a medical aid scheme.

December 14, 2012

Question: What is a medical scheme you may ask? Answer: Medical schemes are there to help you afford the best possible medical care. Because the cost of medical treatment goes up every year.

But what if you don’t have a medical plan and have a serious issue that requires ongoing specialist treatment. What happens if you need major surgery? You stand in danger of financial ruin if there is no medical aid to help carry the cost.

What is a Medical scheme and How does it Work??

A medical scheme is a non-profit company that works to a special set of rules and criteria. The main business is to pay for the medical costs of their members in return for a regular monthly fee.

The rules a Medical aid Company follows Are –

  • They must prove they are financially sound enough to provide the benefits that they promise to their members
  • They may not discriminate against any person or group
  • Most members of the board of trustees that manage the scheme must also be members of the scheme itself


However, to choose a medical aid plan can take time and researchWhat is a medical scheme

When choosing a Plan, consider This –

  • Not all schemes offer the same benefits. It is vital to study this as well as the terms and conditions. Ask questions if you are uncertain.
  • Consider only flexible schemes that you can adjust as your circumstances change.
  • Many employers will pay on your behalf if you join the scheme they support. You can discuss this matter with them if you are already a member of another scheme.
  • The cost of joining a scheme is important to most people. However, don’t base your choice on this factor alone when deciding.
  • A cheap plan is not always what it seems. If the benefits don’t meet your medical needs, you could be in trouble.
  • Many schemes offer very limited cover and it is vital to buy the best that you can afford.
  • It’s important to know your rights in terms of the laws that govern the schemes.
  • There are certain conditions that simply have to be covered and Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) must be part of each membership


Some people see a medical aid scheme as just another expense. But remember, it’s a safety net that is there when illness strikes.

Nobody wants second rate treatment when their life or the lives of their family are in danger. With the proper cover, you can be sure of the very best treatment by the very best specialists when you need it most.

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