Comparing Medical Aids In South Africa

It’s important that you compare medical aid schemes before you sign a contract. Here we will have a look at comparing medical aids in South Africa.

Signing up for the wrong plan could impact on your health, and you may be tied to it for a while or have to pay penalties for leaving.

So make sure your medical aid plan covers your individual requirements before you sign up.

There are a couple of boxes you need to check when comparing medical aids

Comparing Medical AidsNot all of them come with the same benefits or coverage, and there are a couple of things you’ll need to check for.

For example, when trying to decide between them, make sure to compare the amount of medical cover you receive, plus what limits there are on medical expenses and the conditions for claiming back (Also if you have a chronic disease make sure to check the benefits related to your condition.)


And that’s just for starters; you should also ask yourself:

  • Does the medical aid plan provide you with a type of plan that fits your lifestyle? Don’t sign up just because you “Need” medical aid, or you may find yourself with a plan that is completely useless for your health.
  • Can you afford this medical aid plan, and will you be able to afford it in 6 months or a year from now?
  • Are you healthy? If you have a pre-existing health problem, then you need to check if the plan will cover it before signing up.
  • Don’t be blinded by rewards schemes and additional benefits. Most medical aid plans come with a wide range of additional benefits. Many of these benefits can be useful but will mean nothing if you get sick. Yes, it’s nice to get movie discounts and cheap gym memberships, but not if you access to quality care is reduced. So make sure that you’re signing up for a plan that will take care of your health, not one that comes with useless benefits.


These are all important things to consider when trying to find medical aid

The last thing you should do is take a look at the credibility, size and stability of the plan.

Is the company reputable and will they be around in the future?

Once you’ve done all this, you can go online and begin finding a medical aid that best suits your lifestyle.

When should you consult a medical aid broker?

Almost all of the medical aids have quote forms on their websites.

Alternatively, you can call their helpline for quotes and assistance.

Brokers understand the various strengths and weaknesses of different plans. And will assist you in the picking the right one for you or your family.

They can also assist you in getting quotes and comparing medical aids.


All info was correct at time of publishing