Moto Health Care to Drive You into the Future

October 16, 2015

The Moto Health Care medical aid is for people in the automotive industry. It is a restricted medical aid – a bargaining council fund and is registered with the South African Council for Medical Schemes.

Moto has been around since October 2007. Moto is for people who have jobs in the South African motor industry.

There are thousands of principal members who belong to Moto. There are over 29 000 members who represent well over 70 000 beneficiaries.

Moto Health Care – Valuable Options

Moto Health CareA board of trustees manages the Moto Fund. This board of trustees consists of parties in the Moto Health Care Company with the Moto Industry Bargaining Council.  There are a few options available for members to enjoy.

One such option is Optimum. This is a comprehensive option. Those members who opt for Optimum benefit have access to a really generous Day-to-Day limit for their primary health care. There is also out-of-hospital care.

  • One benefit is the Unlimited Overall Annual Limit. This includes treatment in hospital, the basic prescribed minimal benefits and also 26 chronic diseases listed.
  • There is also an additional 48 non-prescribed chronic illnesses that are covered, and which are subject to certain limits.
  • There is the Health Maximiser benefit.  This helps members to manage their healthcare in a more effective way.


Moto Health Care – Catering for Different Lifestyles

For the younger set, there is the Hospicare Option. Young people have peace of mind with this particular option because it offers them in-hospital as well as out-of-hospital treatment for minimum prescribed benefits. They also benefit from the 26 listed chronic diseases, with conditions.

Moto Health Care – Some Cost Free Benefits

Fantastic news is that from this year, 2015, members will pay costs for their first 3 children, but those with the bigger families, the other children are cost-free. This option is suitable for young families and is called the Custom Option. It is a really cost cutting solution to being able to access the full spectrum of services from the healthcare industry – but at competitive prices. Members on this option will be able to access specialist and also GP visits, medicine for acute conditions, the basic dentist and optometry care and also some out of hospital benefits offered from a network provider.

Custom option members get covered for 24 of the chronic listed diseases with conditions. Treatment in hospital will be subject to annual limits – available to private and also public facilities.

Moto Health Care – Dedicated Care for the Motor Industry

Moto Health Care Medical Aid takes good care of their members because they have designed it to give the best benefits to members of the motor industry. Notwithstanding all the challenges the motor industry has faced recently on the international as well as the local scene, Moto Health offers the biggest voluntary scheme (restricted) to members.

Because Moto understand the needs of its employees, it stands unique in its offerings to its members. It has five plans which offer the best healthcare at the best affordable rates.


All info was correct at time of publishing