Choose the Right Medical Aid Plan For 2017

Your salary, budget and health are all important considerations when choosing a medical scheme. Om fact when you choose a medical scheme, you might not know that all those other members – their health, their age and their claim patterns will all have an effect on you. So here is how you can choose the right medical aid plan for 2017

For instance, the number of pensioners in SA is on the increase, and to combat the costs associated with age, schemes increase their contributions and cut their benefits to members.

Choose The Right Medical Aid Plan – Check out the Solvency Ratio

Choose The Right Medical Aid PlanApart from this, you need to look at the scheme you’re interested in. It is important because if their solvency ratio is well below the required 25%. You can expect a large premium increase at the end of the year. It’s always a good idea to find out who the administrator is. And what their history is as regards to paying out claims and offering client services.

Look at the cover each scheme offers and make sure you know how much cpver you have in a hospital.

Most schemes cover you at 100% of the National  Health Reference Price List (NHRPL) tariff, while others cover you at 200% or even 300%.

It’s important to be aware of co-payments too because quite a few schemes have co-payments which differ from scheme to scheme.

If you’re a chronic medication user, make sure it has cover on the option you want as well as the medication you use. So how do you know which medical aid to choose?


Rockfin Wealth Management provides unbiased advice on medical aid plans. They suggest that before you choose the right medical aid plan, you consider one or two questions

  • are you a chronic medication user?
  • do you want to cover for those day to day expenses?
  • Do you want the in-hospital cover of 100%, 200% or 300%


Some things you should be considering include –

  • What their diabetes management programs are
  • what their oncology programs are about
  • Do they offer unlimited GP visits?
  • Do they have co-payments?


Whichever medical aid plan you choose, gap cover has never been so important. Read all about it at and do research on the different gap cover providers there are. Each one has contact details for you so that you can discuss your gap cover needs with them.

The cost of private medical care has reached all-time highs – higher than the normal inflation rate.

Look after your Health

Your medical aid doesn’t cover everything – and prevention is always better than cure. Care for your health so that you’re able to fight off viruses.

Wasp Sports Nutrition, for instance, excludes common sugars from their formulations and make use of patented ingredients which guarantees high-quality products. Their AminoCarb XP, for instance, is scientifically formulated. And provides an optimum level of electrolytes, provides an adequate carbohydrate source, it stabilises the blood sugar, and its serving is just 35g.

It’s no secret that medical aid premiums take a massive chunk of your income every month. So it’s essential that each month you’re at least satisfied that you’re getting something worthwhile in return from the medical aid you chose.

All info was correct at time of publishing