Cut Price Medical Aid Available

Today with so many sicknesses around; with the economic crisis not allowing many people to have the privilege of belonging to a medical aid. We no doubt have all heard people say that you have everything in life if you have good health. Society today even encourages us to be healthy. This is in order to escape the hefty medical bills that can come our way if we are unhealthy. Maybe we are not even covered by cut price medical insurance. People are desperate about seeing that their health is covered. They are prepared to look at a cut-price medical aid available to them.

In South Africa, there are heaps of open medical schemes. They all vie with each other for their piece of the market pie. Consumers are constantly searching for the cheapest medical aids that will take care of the family needs. The competition is high to lure new members with attractive medical aid schemes and plans. Some of the top range medical aids change their options to offer low-income groups entry-level solutions.

So what constitutes a cut-price medical aid?

Cut Price Medical PlansThese are usually the ones that offer the basic day-to-day benefits to thousands of poorer households. The maximum benefit limits that payout to members of the scheme for expenses out-of-hospital are low.

A cheap medical aid for instance will cover portions of what doctors, optometrists or physiotherapistswill charge. Usually the member will need to pay in the difference out of their personal accounts. The cheaper type of medical aids are more suitable for young and healthy people. Who do not regularly go for visits to healthcare professionals, only occasionally

Some companies target customers to their cheaper medical options – Cut price Medical Aid

There are some top medical aids in South Africa, who are looking out for consumers on the search for the cheaper medical aids, companies like Bonitas.  Bonitas has their BonCap option with contributions from members from R555 a month. FedHealth has their Maxima Entry Zone option with contributions from members from R883 a month. Discovery has their Keycare Core option with contributions from members being from R511 a month.

You can find a cheap medical aid if you do your homework

Independent Financial Consultants (or IFC) in South Africa’s have the special job of helping people to find the best medical aid that will suit their pockets as well as their health. They have the expertise knowledge on all the top and best known medical aids in South Africa to provide you with the best solutions for you.  Go to their website to compare the medical plans and rates, even using their comparison tool online.

There you will be able to evaluate all the cut price medical aids products, to enable you to identify the cheapest one, but the right one for you and your family. You can also even request quotes directly from them or call the number on the website. So a consultant is available to help you to make the right choices. You need to get going on this – it’s of vital importance to your state of health and peace of mind.

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