Fedhealth Medical Aid Quote

Finding the right medical aid for your needs doesn’t have to be a complicated process fraught with complications. Get a Fedhealth medical aid quote to start the process.

If you have heart disease, you’re more likely to get the help you need from a comprehensive medical aid plan than a hospital plan.

Treatment for heart disease can break you financially. In fact it is so expensive, without a medical aid you may even be staring at bankruptcy.

Certainly having medical aid can help you avoid the disaster that massive medical bills can bring.

Fortunately there are a number of resources on the Internet which will help you compare medical aids and their plans ‘under one roof’. Fedhealth will quote you on their different health insurance plans. They make it easy for you to search for- and compare plans that suit your salary.

Fedhealth Medical Aid QuoteWhen Fedhealth sums you up according to your age, gender, marital status and your earnings, they will send you quotes on plans that suit you. They will never suggest a medical aid plan of R4000 a month if your salary is R8000 a month. That is becausethey know you can land in trouble with such a costly plan.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Quote – Quotes that suit Every Pocket

If you are young and single and requesting medical aid quotes from Fedhealth, they may well send you quotes and details of their –

  • Maxima EntrySaver Plan. At just R 1 327pm, this is a hospital plan that gives you unlimited cover at South African Network Hospitals. There are other benefits with this plan such as generous savings per year,  free annual flu vaccines for the whole family as well as unlimited GP visits at a nominated GP. There are lots of other benefits that are included in this excellent hospital plan such as post hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge, among others. Certainly, if you are searching for an affordable hospital plan that offers day-today savings, you’ll want a quote for Maxima EntrySaver.
  • Blue Door Plus Plan – from just R628pm, Blue Door Plus is Fedhealth’s entry-level plan. The plan is available to all those lower earners who have never had access to a medical aid. Among others, the plan offers unlimited private hospitalisation at Network hospitals.

With medical aid quotes, you can get  personalised recommendations by answering the few short questions on the medical aid’s website, and if you want to, you can speak to one of their licensed agents.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Quote – Excellent Plans with Value Added Benefits

Fedhealth is one of South Africa’s leading medical aids and their philosophy is to provide excellent plans which come with value added benefits. The fact that Fedhealth has been around for more than 75 years gives you a good idea of their value in the South African healthcare market. During 2015 and into 2016, Fedhealth will still be talking the talk and walking the walk, as committed as ever to ensuring quality and value for all their members.

Does Fedhealth offer the type of medical aid plans you like and can afford?  When you see the different quotes and premiums, you simply have to compare each plan before you willy nilly sign up for a medical aid plan. With the right quotes, adapted to your needs and to your salary, you won’t have to battle each month to pay your premiums. Your medical aid will be in keeping with your salary and your medical health needs.

Fedhealth Medical Aid Quote – Don’t Be Distracted by Bells and Whistles

Not every scheme and plan offers wonderful benefits, and that is why you have to shop around, compare and look critically at whats on offer.  If you’re on a tight budget, don’t look at the quotes which offer those extras such as discounts on airline flights and movie tickets. When you’re ill or you’re fighting for your life after an injury, you could care less for such trivialities – all you want is adequate medical cover, and Fedhealth medical aid quotes will show you that they have exactly what you need.


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