Cheap Medical Scheme for All

Let’s face it, in South Africa there are some pretty costly medical aids. And in today’s economic climate you’ve got to do your research for everything. And that includes searching for a cheap medical scheme that will also offer you value for money. When it comes to cheap medical aid for all, you will still have monthly premiums. But you’ll find them far easier to pay.

Finding affordable medical aids in South Africa can be done by going onto different comparison sites and comparing their premiums alongside their benefits. The convenience of these sites is that you can complete the form online and a consultant will give you different, affordable medical aid options.

Genesis – a Cheap Medical Scheme

The Genesis Medical Scheme is always likely to be among the options a consultant sends. This is because their range of options will cater for your needs adequately and affordably. Their plans offer unlimited hospital cover at any private hospital in South Africa and there are also medical aid benefits at competitive and affordable rates.

cheap medical scheme

Comprehensive plans with Genesis Medical Aid are more affordable than other comprehensive plans from other medical schemes. Cheap medical aid doesn’t mean less benefits – not with Genesis. Their plans will cover you in hospital for scheduled treatments or for an emergency.

Both the Genesis plans are designed to provide additional day-to-day cover by means of their medical savings account, as well as separate cover for consultations from any registered practitioner. Both comprehensive plans include benefits for basic dentistry.  Members can choose between two plans offering full full cover – the Private Plus and the Private.

Let’s Look at the costs involved with Genesis Medical Aid for 2016

  • Genesis offers hospital cover – Private Choice and Private
    Adult – Private Choice is R950 and R1 4 20 for Private
    The first child dependant will pay R320 for Private Choice and R350 for Private
    Each additional child dependant will pay R250 for Private Choice and R275 for Private
  • Genesis offers Comprehensive medical aid plans – Private Plus and Private Comprehensive
    Private Plus – R1 800 for adult member, first child R350 and additional children R275
    Private Comprehensive – R2 150 for adult member, R350 for first child and R275 for additional child


What is this affordable Genesis Medical Aid?

Genesis is one of South Africa’s leading medical aids, providing affordable cover since 1995. They are a new generation scheme, differing from a traditional scheme and as a member of a new generation scheme you will be able to manage most of your out-of-hospital costs, while the Scheme will take care of those high costs associated with hospital care.

cheap medical aid

Their efficient claims handling as well as their great medical facilities and benefits ensure members know they are in good hands.

You can join Genesis Medical Scheme whenever you wish because applying is done so easily. You can apply for a cheap medical scheme online, you can download an application form, fill it in and fax it to them or easier still you can SMS the words gmed join to 31022 and they will contact you and answer all your questions.

Join Now – What’s Stopping You?

Membership is open to anyone who is a citizen of South Africa or living in the country permanently. Genesis is also financially sound and has reserves beyond the minimum legal requirement so it is able to offer members a very high claims paying ability. What’s stopping you from joining one of South Africa’s leading and most affordable medical scheme?


All info was correct at time of publishing