The Unique Benefits of the Spectramed Medical Scheme

No doubt, one of the best medical aid providers out there today is Discovery Health. With more than 2.6 million members, they are also by far the largest in South Africa. They also have the highest credit rating with regards to their ability to pay claims, currently a AA+! Spectramed medical scheme is a lot smaller but has a high credit rating.

With their extensive benefits, you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality of service and attention to detail. All of these factors, combined, make them very attractive indeed, to the people who can afford them.

Those who cannot afford them, or those who simply seek a high quality alternative, however, are not without options. One such option is the Spectramed medical scheme. While this particular scheme can be considered a relative ‘new kid on the block’. It became a commercial provider in 1997, this should not fool you. They have been around since 1957, where they originally serviced the South African printing industry exclusively. This means that they have over 50 years in the industry. They give you access to a wealth of expertise and experience.
Spectramed Medical Scheme
There are many other options in South Africa, for people seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of choosing medical schemes. And particularly in the South African context!

Understanding The Pros a and Cons of Medical Schemes in South Africa

Choosing schemes in South Africa requires good access to information. In addition, the online ability to manipulate information is imperative in today’s busy world. For example, the Engen medical aid has a step-by-step online guide. You can view the process of your claims, as well as update any personal information that needs revision. At the click of a button, you will have access to your benefits usage, contribution information, claims history and statements, as well as healthcare expenditure.

A con might be the lack of personal contact, the real world human interaction that is so lacking in today’s digital age. However, you must remember that people operate the computers, and while the medium of communication might be a little intimidating, you can rest assured that you will be in communication with a person, and not an impersonal machine!

Another pro is the wide range of plans that the various medical schemes provide. You can really tailor-make your plan to suit your lifestyle and your pocket. The Spectramed medical scheme for example, has the Spectra Cobalt, Spectra Azure, Spectra Capri, Spectra Cyan, and Spectra Aqua options. Fedhealthhas the Blue Door, Maxima, and Ultima options. Their Maxima option has further Entryzone, Core, Entrysaver, and Saver options. This gives you the best chance to find a product that will fit your requirements.

But is having so much choice really a good thing?

That depends largely on your needs. Having so many choices could be a con, for example, if you do not have the luxury of time to spend choosing from a pool of products. Sometimes all you need is a straightforward product that ticks all your boxes, and then you can move on with your busy life. Choice is good, but it has the ability to be a hindrance too, no doubt!

How Does Spectramed Medical Scheme Stack Up Against Other Industry Players Like Momentum Health?

With Momentum, you enjoy a large number of benefits. Also a remarkably large open scheme, with huge growth seen particularly over the last five years, they offer you the flexibility of coverage that allows you to shape your cover depending on your needs and your budget. They offer you savings of up to 35%, as well as earnings of over R5 000 a year in HealthReturns!

They have a large network of associated GPs, an extensive list of hospitals that you can go to, as well as a broad network of pharmacies that you can make use of. This provides you with the choices that you need to make the best use of your medical aid coverage, and with the kind of options that do not limit you in travel, or commit you to living in a specific area.

The Spectramed medical scheme also offers you a large number of savings, particularly because of the wide range of products that they offer. You enjoy extensive benefits with regards to in-hospital tariffs, dentistry, and day-to-day medical expenses.Spectramed offers you a robust hybrid savings medical-scheme funding model. You can also benefit, depending on your choice of benefit option, from having some day-to-day benefits paid from your My Saver account and you rBenefit Booster! This means that your My Saver balance will not be affected, and these costs will be covered by the scheme!

You really do have many options available to you therefore, when it comes to choosing medical aid coverage!

So, Still Not Convinced About the Spectramed Medical Aid?

The Spectramed medical scheme is truly generous when it comes to the provision of healthcare cover. Whether you are looking for a simple plan to cover a hospital stay, or full cover that handles your daily medical needs, Spectramed has you covered. Their strong and stable solvency ratio means that they are able to meet long-term obligations to all their members. With sturdy financial reserves, the have the ability to provide financially, the long-term healthcare cover that you as well as your family deserves.

Also, the fact that the Spectramed medical scheme is owned and managed by members makes them a reliable force in the world of healthcare coverage. A Board of Trustees, appointed by these members, directs this scheme.

This Board of Trustees is responsible for the success of the scheme, and they always ensure that the scheme does the right thing, for the right reasons. This means that when it comes to you and your family’s healthcare coverage requirements, they are the ideal partner to help you reach your objectives, and to ensure that you are adequately covered against any eventuality.


All info was correct at time of publishing