Fedhealth Maxima Exec Takes Care of Stressful Executive Lifestyles

The cost of  healthcare is so out of reach for the man on the street that having comprehensive health insurance is like a ticket to freedom, peace of mind and stress-less nights. Comprehensive medical aid such as Fedhealth Maxima Exec covers ALL the medical needs of you and your family such as  scans and tests as well as the likes of homeopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Did you know that a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan done in a private hospital in South Africa is the most expensive out of 9 countries? In  South Africa in 2014 an MRI scan costs  R8 800. And for a heart procedure it costs in the region of R304 000?

Fedhealth is an established and financially secure company and one of the oldest medical aid providers in South Africa. It has a global credit rating of -AA. Aware of the plight of South Africans without medical aid, they have sought to come up with affordable health care cover for their members. One of their benefits is that rates applicable to dependent children apply to single students right up to the age of 27 years old. Former child dependents of principal members can also join without the usual medical underwriting.

Fedhealth Maxima Exec – A Medical Aid for Execs in Stressful Situations

Fedhealth Maxima ExecThe Fedhealth Maxima range caters for everyone looking for quality health care, and the Fedhealth Maxima Exec plan is geared towards busy executive who face unpredictable conditions and a lot of stressful situations.

The typical comprehensive medical plan includes all the regulars. These includes in- and outpatient, day-patient and associated healthcare services. And there are always other options you can add to most plans. Let’s see what the Fedhealth Maxima Exec plan offers as a comprehensive medical plan for the entire family.

Executive health programs are becoming more popular simply because the executives lifestyle can be stressful which can lead to chronic health conditions. If an executive were continually ill, it could be devastating to a business.

From R3 178 per month, the Fedhealth Maxima Exec is a comprehensive health plan especially for those who want to be able to rely completely on their medical aid.

The Fedhealth Maxima Exec plan-offers:

●  the plan covers 51 chronic conditions
●  the plan offers trauma cover at a casualty ward whether you go to hospital or not
●  unlimited hospital cover in any private hospital
●  7 days of take-home medication
●  female contraceptive are taken care of – contraceptive rings, oral, IUDs etc
●  specialised radiology such as CT- and MRI scans are covered
●  contracted fixed rates at Fedhealth Network Specialists  – treatment is covered in full
●  unlimited visits at Network FPs paid from risk and not from the member’s savings

Fedhealth MaximaThe Fedhealth Maxima Exec-premium medical aid covers medical aid rates at 200%, and excellent choice for those requiring  decent in- and out of hospital cover at a comprehensive level. Let’s look at  just one or two of the in-hospital benefits you can enjoy from Fedhealth Maxima Exec:

● you can go to any hospital you wish
● in-hospital Benefits
● unlimited GP’s and specialities
● unlimited radiology and pathology
● organ transplants – R 373 000. Also dialysis, oncology, internal prosthesis
● mental health – R27 400
● for chronic conditions R6 100 and family R11 300


Fedhealth Maxima Exec-Lots of Special Benefits

What sets Fedhealth apart as a scheme that offers first-rate medical aid options, is that they offer excellent unique value-added benefit and they pay more from Risk than other scheme. This ensures that your day-to-day medical spending goes further, and a medical aid that can save you money is certainly worth investigating.


All info was correct at time of publishing