Makoti Medical Aid is Less Complicated than a Lobola Negotiation

You’ve heard all the promises before. “Receive high quality medical aid at low and affordable costs, over long periods”. They promise to cover everything from visits to the GP to extended days in hospital. Some aid schemes, like the Discovery medical aid, even offer you a wide arrangement of products that influence every aspect of your life, from grocery shopping to refuelling your car. No like Makoti medical aid.

Some medical schemes make good on these promises. Others find it difficult to maintain a high standard of service. That makes it impossible for them to offer you their products at affordable rates!

There are a few schemes out there today, however, that achieve this. They manage to balance quality and affordability They cut all the fluff. Such medical aids offer you straightforward products that serve their purpose. One such scheme is the Makoti medical scheme. It is just one of quite a few such schemes. And you just have to know what you are looking for when choosing medical coverage.

Makoti Medical AidSo, what are some important things that you should consider when selecting cover that is suitable to your lifestyle and your needs?

The Long And Short Of Choosing Medical Aid Schemes South Africa

Choosing family health insurance is very important. Many people today cannot afford the kind of cover offered by larger companies, and so they avoid it, putting it off as an ‘unnecessary expense.They might even opt for a more affordable hospital plan instead.  However, you need to be sure that you can afford the everyday medical expenses, like visits to a doctor, or over the counter medication. If you suffer from chronic conditions, such as diabetes, however, then you will need to seriously consider a more complete medical cover, such as that offered by the Makoti medical scheme.

Medical cover is expensive however, particularly in South Africa. You need to choose cover therefore, that covers your spouse and children, at a very competitive contribution rate. This is extremely important if you have a family, no matter how small it is.

Choosing a Plan

When it comes to choosing a plan that ticks all the boxes, you should check out the schemes payment record, their solvency ratio, as well as their list of benefits. This will help you make an informed decision that will not see you footing a hefty hospital bill while you are still trying to recover from illness or injury. You should therefore pay careful attention to the list of exclusions, such as those found on the Makoti medical scheme’s website, to see how completely you are covered!

One in Nine people in South Africa is HIV Positive, so it is important that you check your plan for coverage in case you become HIV Positive, or if you already are. While HIV is a manageable condition today thanks to medical advances and Antiretroviral Treatment, you might be required to spend some time in hospital if you contract an opportunistic infection, and this is no time to worry about what your chosen scheme will or will not pay for.

Why You Should Seriously Consider the Makoti Medical Aid

The Makoti medical aid works with a few essential principles in mind. They offer very high quality medical care, with affordability a key consideration. To ensure the sustainability of the plan over long periods, they have also introduced several control measures. Another principle is the prevention of illness where possible, by healthcare interventions in the serviced communities.

With this scheme, you will be able to make use of your accredited GP. You need to make sure that you choose a general practitioner that is close to you, for ease of access, since this will be the only practitioner you can make use of, after they have concluded their arrangements with Enablemed. This scheme advocates the use of a single
GP for a number of reasons, including:

•    Trust-You will be able to build a lasting, trusting relationship if you stick with one medical practitioner
•    Avoiding Conflicting Treatments-You will avoid the complicated repercussions of receiving conflicting treatments that may result from visiting multiple GPs

Your Doctor

Makoti Medical AidYou can change your medical doctor at any time, by visiting your company’s HR department. You can also make use of the Dental Call Number to access Dental services. This is not to suggest however, that in an emergency, you cannot visit a different doctor. However, you need to let them know who your preferred medical practitioner is, so that they may liaise further regarding your condition.

As far as costs go, this is one of the most affordable plans around today. Comparing several medical insurance quotes will point this out to you. You really need to choose a plan that suits your needs, and of course, one that is affordable.

The following are just some things that merit consideration

Understanding Medical Insurance Premiums

When it comes to choosing a medical scheme, you need to make careful considerations of the plans that are on offer. Some medical aids go all out to market elaborate plans that offer you an array of benefits that, while they look good on paper, tend to hit your pocket quite hard. The Makoti medical schemeis more straightforward than most. It offers you two comprehensive plans to choose from, taking the frustration and complication of choosing a scheme and effectively removing it from the equation.

Primary Options from Makoti

They offer a Primary Option, which includes visits to your GP, medication, and a set of prescribed minimum benefits. The benefits are subject to pre-authorisation, and include amongst other things:

•    Unlimited doctor’s visits to your selected GP
•    Medication, including acute and chronic
•    Basic radiology and pathology
•    Ambulance services, and
•    Optometry and primary dentistry

Makoti medical aid also offers you a Comprehensive Option, which includes hospitalisation, specialist services, and the services offered in the Primary Option.

Your Makoti medical aid premiums depend on your choice of plan. Unlike other schemes that offer you a battery of choices, the fact that Makoti limits its plans to just two, means that they can control better the cost of your premiums. With them, you definitely get what you pay for, and then some, making them a real contender in the sometimes-murky waters that is medical aid.


Visiting their website, you will be given a thorough breakdown of each plan, and their list of excluded items. You will also be given a comprehensive explanation of pre-authorization, and what this means for you and your chosen plan.

So, for straightforward medical aid, consider the Makoti scheme. It is definitely less complicated that complicated lobola negotiations!


All info was correct at time of publishing