Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme Takes Care of Your Health

According to GEMS, the government employees medical scheme, members need to vigilantly protect themselves from the many scams circulating within the healthcare industry. They have to protect their identity from theft, or from being used fraudulently with regards to making claims.  This includes the purchase of medicines. And also procedures on the medical aid by a third party, someone who is not a beneficiary to the plan.

This applies to most medical aid schemes, however, and as such, they go out of their way to protect their members and potential members. These schemes go out of their way to safeguard their members’ information. They keep it safe from the outside world.

Choosing a Medical Aid

Choosing the right medical scheme is probably one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. It is important if you are to provide adequately for your family’s medical expenses. That is especially if you do not have large cash reserves on hand to fund these expenses when they arise. You need to choose wisely as well, ensuring that you protect yourself from fraud and other scams that are related to the application for medical aid. This is the time when your personal information is most at risk!

Compcare Wellness Medical SchemeThe Compcare Wellness medical scheme is a safe, reliable option when looking for healthcare cover. Every precaution has been taken to ensure that you don’t fall victim to would-be cyber thugs. It has extensive measures in place to ensure that you have the best holistic protection in the business today. And that is even before the cover you for doctor’s visits, medicine, or hospitalisation.

It is also remarkably affordable. And you can expect a wide range of benefits, no matter which one of their many options you choose. This scheme can help you to take care of your family’s healthcare needs, even though they are remarkably cheap, when compared with some other providers today. Cost should definitely not deter you in making the choice for comprehensive healthcare cover.

So, just how does this scheme compare with some of the others available on the market today? What are the risks associated with going with the cheaper option when choosing cover?

How Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme Compares With Bonitas Medical Scheme

Not as cheap as many hospital plans, the Compcare Wellness medical scheme is still very affordable by comparison with some other medical aid providers. They have been around for more than 30 years, and offer you a diverse range of products to choose from. A great benefit that result is that you only pay for the first three dependents. After that, all of your dependents are free!

You also pay child dependent rates until the age of 25 for students. This provides you with another massive saving. This means that you will not need to upgrade their membership, or get them their own ‘grown up’ medical healthcare cover.

Unlike other providers, the Compcare Wellness medical scheme offers you largely unlimited benefits, depending on the option you choose. And with six scheme options, you can enjoy these cost cutting benefits from most of these. But just how reliable are cheaper medical healthcare schemes?

Are Cheap Medical Aid Schemes Worth The Risk?

Truth be told, the Compcare Wellness medical scheme is not the cheapest around. It is, however, certainly cheaper than some of the other options around. You might be wondering if it is not risky to invest in these smaller schemes. You might have a lot of questions regarding their sustainability, and their pay-out rate. Or perhaps you question their ability to provide you with a long-term healthcare solution, especially since this costs a lot of money, and you would expect your medical scheme to have substantial cash reserves.
Join Compcare WellnessWith Compcare, you really do not need to worry about this. They have excellent reserve levels, largely due to their sound financial management practices. This is critical if any medical healthcare scheme is to work properly, and to have longevity, and this is exceptionally reassuring for anybody looking for comprehensive cover.

Comparing This Scheme With The Discovery Medical Aid!

Discovery is without a doubt the Michelin standard of healthcare cover. They offer you a number of largely effective products and services, including insurance, a comprehensive petrol rewards program, and an extensive lifestyle management program. The quality of these added services makes them very appealing to many non-members, but most people do not even consider going with this scheme, because of the costs involved.

If you consider other schemes, such as the Spectramed medical scheme, you will probably be a little more comfortable. The thing is, plans like those offered by Discovery are usually cushioned in a lot of fluff in the form of added benefits that have nothing to do with actual medical aid. However, considering that you will benefit greatly from the lifestyle management tools, you can overlook the cost of taking up one of these plans.


The Compcare Wellness medical scheme, however, has one of the best wellness and lifestyle programs around. Comparing this one with the other programs around make this an easy choice. Considering also, that Compcare is one of very few schemes in South Africa that offers cover to sporting professionals, and you will see that they are really worth considering.
As far as medical healthcare schemes go, you have many options. Some of them are really expensive, but also offer you a high quality of service. Others are not expensive at all, and the quality of their service shows this. Some have a high payment rate, and others expect you to meet them halfway on the bills. Compcare makes a lot of sense on all fronts, and they could prove to be the most comprehensive medical aid cover for you!


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