How I Chose my Medical Aid

As a sole bread winner with two active kids of 9 and 11 I eventually admitted to myself that I had to get medical aid. Doctor’s and dentist’s bills were killing me and my hospital plan looked a bit thin. I owe it to you to tell you how I chose my medical aid.

I got onto the internet and started looking.

How I Chose My Medical Aid

First I went to the Discovery Health website. It was really complicated. There were just too many plans to choose from. I couldn’t make head or tail of the differences between the various options so I skipped out of the site.

Then I looked at the Selfmed website. It looked okay so I completed the little form on the home page requesting that they contact me. To this day I am still waiting for them to call.

How I Chose My Medical AidThe Genesis website looked great. There were only four plans to choose from. I also liked the fact that the pricing was clear and there was plenty of dental cover included. I phoned and got intelligent treatment. They sent me the forms to complete.

Still I decided to look around a bit more. I looked at Momentum and found the website too complicated. Maybe I am just the impatient type.

Then I decided to try Liberty Medical Scheme. The site is really good-looking and I just love the way they represent their plans graphically on the Our Options page.

I looked at the hospital plans first. They looked good but I already have a hospital plan. I wanted more than that.

How I Chose My Medical Aid

Eventually I settled on the Complete Plus plan, which has tons of hospital cover, no co-payments, masses of dental cover and guaranteed treatment for 64 conditions listed under the Prescribed Minimum Benefits law.

It even has oncology benefits. (I don’t know a lot about medical costs but I do know that if you get cancer it will cost a fortune to have it treated.)

So in the end I decided to drop my existing hospital plan and replace it with Liberty’s Complete Plus Plan.  I got instant service from the Call Centre and in a few days I become a Liberty Medical Scheme member.

It costs me a huge whack of cash each month but at least I can sleep at night.

I suppose I chose Liberty because it is such a well-established name in South Africa. My late Dad had Liberty insurance and he always had good things to say about Liberty.

Sorry, Genesis. Next time maybe.


All info was correct at time of publishing