Why is Selfmed a Leading Medical Scheme?

What About Selfmed Make It a Leading Medical Scheme? 

  • Selfmed has a solid reputation built over 50 years
  • Great quality, personalised service
  • Offer a range of affordable, simple products
  • Committed to high ethical standards
  • It is a financially stable entity


Solid reputation

Founded in 1965, Selfmed is one of South Africa’s leading open medical schemes. During their more than 50 years in the industry, Selfmed has developed a reputation for conducting their affairs with a high level of integrity. They have also developed a range of products that address the needs and challenges of contemporary South Africans.

Importantly, a board of trustees runs Selfmed. Members of the scheme elect the trustees. The board promotes the success of the scheme way beyond their duty to members. Significantly, the board comprises four highly committed About Selfmed Medical Schemeprofessionals with many of years of experience in various leadership capacities.

Selfmed has been established as an independent legal entity founded on the Medical Schemes Act no. 131.

About Selfmed – Quality service

Selfmed has made it a point to give each member personalised service. Therefore members can count on the scheme to give them individualised attention from before they join it to when they need to make claims. There are four Selfmed offices in South Africa; in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nelspruit and Durban. Besides these centres, you can get support in other provinces across the country.

Friendly staff greet anyone who enters these offices. They will furnish the public with any information they need. In doing this Selfmed succeeds in offering its customers real value. This is why people name the call centre at Selfmed an Excellence Centre.

About Selfmed – Affordable range of products

One of the complaints South Africans have against medical insurance is the intricacy of the products. Selfmed has heard their cries and come up with a cluster of offerings that are free of insurance jargon and simple for everyone to understand. The products tackle as many needs of people from different walks of life, addressing their most important needs.

Selfmed adheres to high ethical standards

The Selfmed medical scheme understands and is committed to good governance and ethical business conduct. Selfmed believes in transparent and accountable corporate governance, and also ethical interaction with all of the Scheme’s members. As such, they have aligned all operations of the Scheme to meet the ethical vision that they share with Ethics Institute of South Africa.

An aspect that promotes these high ethical standards is Selfmed’s administration. Unlike other insurers, the members themselves help to run  Selfmed. This is the reason behind the personal customer service and the timely processing of claims. It is also why Selfmed’s products are much easier to understand than those of other schemes.

So it is clear that the needs of the members come first in everything that Selfmed does. 

About Selfmed – Financial stability 

Members in this scheme can rest assured that there is enough to pay out their claims if anything happens. The capital Selfmed has gone way above the required regulatory minimum. You have no need to worry about this scheme folding up and your premiums disappearing into a black hole.

All info was correct at time of publishing