New Communications Head at Bestmed

02 September 2014 – Johannesburg – Bestmed, one of South Africa’s five largest medical aid schemes, has appointed Chris Luyt as Group Executive Manager for Marketing, Communications and Distribution as of 1st September 2014.

Prior to joining Bestmed, Luyt was Chief Marketing Officer at Petros Business Solutions. He is no stranger to the medical aid industry and the scheme. He worked for Bestmed for 19 years. Luyt served in different positions ranging from head of membership affairs, client services head, and chief marketing officer.

“We are excited to have Luyt return to the Bestmed stable. During his tenure at the company, he was instrumental in maintaining member retention. He ensured innovative product development to suit members’ needs. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We are confident that he will take the scheme to greater heights,” said Dries La Grange, Bestmed’s CEO.

Luyt Looks Forward to the Challenge

Although Luyt spent most of his time at Bestmed before the digital era, he welcomes the challenge. “Times have changed and so have the dynamics of the private healthcare industry. My predecessor did a commendable job to date, and has set the bar high. Filling his shoes will not be an easy task, but I am ready for the challenge to take the scheme to the next level,” said Luyt.

Bestmed Logo“Bestmed, during my time, only catered for employer groups; today it has grown to become one of the top five open medical schemes in the country. I have kept abreast of the trends in the healthcare environment, and believe that together with the team we will continue to grow and retain our position as one of the top performing schemes in South Africa, which continues to keep its members at the core of its operations. My strategy is to not tamper with what works, but to do what’s needed to remain relevant. I welcome this appointment and look forward to serving our members,” added Luyt.

Bestmed’s Extraordinary Corporate Culture

“Over the last five years I have been exposed to a wide range of corporate cultures and there is none like Bestmed. The passion that employees and associates have for the brand is phenomenal. I think the excellent leadership has moulded a culture where a dynamic, energetic, ‘get things done’ attitude is underpinned by a supportive fun-loving family of employees,” concluded Luyt.

Note: Luyt has been active in marketing management, client services, quality and risk management, and human capital management over the past 20 years. He holds a master in Business Administration from the UP Graduate School.


All info was correct at time of publishing