Genesis Benefits in 2018

Are there ANY useful benefits to look for in Genesis benefits 2018?

  1. Genesis covers all approved conditions, including PMBs
  2. Genesis pays hospital accounts in full in terms of tariff agreements with the hospital
  3. In private hospitals, Genesis pays specialist charges at 100% or 200% of Medical Aid Rate, according to the option you’re on
  4. Look out for increased savings in 2018
  5. Genesis ensures us that benefit option changes for 2018 aim to keep contributions as low as possible
  6. Whatever hospital- or comprehensive plan you select, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits
  7. All Genesis members can choose their preferred doctor or hospital


Genesis Benefits 2018 – A New-Generation Scheme

Registered as a medical scheme in 1995, Genesis is a new generation scheme. A new generation scheme is somewhat different from a traditional scheme. Significantly, they work according to an amount of money which is debited to your medical aid Genesis Benefits 2018account at the beginning of the year.

Also, you can use the money for all kinds of treatments and medications, and once the money has gone you have to self-fund the rest of your day-to-day medical expenses.

But if you are a member of a new generation scheme you will have to manage most out-of-hospital costs. Every year medical schemes change and Genesis Medical Scheme is no exception, and the  Trustees of the Scheme have approved and submitted their changes for 2018 to the Registrar for registration.

Genesis Benefits 2018 – Low Contribution Increase

Genesis Medical Scheme has announced that their average effective contribution increase for 2018 is only 5.8%. This is good news. That is because this is the lowest contribution increase of all open medical schemes, and for the 6th consecutive year.

The year 2018 won’t be bringing benefit reductions for Genesis medical aid members. The benefit limits that have been adjusted have been increased by more than the rate of inflation.

Some time ago, Genesis Medical Scheme went onto Facebook, asking members what changes they wanted to see in 2018. Out of all the suggestions received, there were a couple of requests that  exceeded the others and these were –

  • increased savings
  • a benefit for optometry


Genesis is increasing medical savings and is adding this benefit for optometry on their respective benefit options. They are also adding in some in and out-of-hospital benefits on all options. The medical scheme has done all they can to ensure that benefit option changes for 2018 will keep contributions as low as possible.

Genesis Benefits 2018 – Dental Care

Importantly, Genesis recognizes the need for good dental cover and their dental benefit offerings apply to all plans. These dental benefits are available with the 2 hospital plans as well as the Scheme’s comprehensive medical aid plans.

Genesis Medical Scheme is in fact the only scheme that offers both basic and enhanced basic dentistry benefits on hospital plans. Also members will appreciate that Genesis covers dentistry benefits from members’ risk benefits.

And this means members don’t have to pay for their available dental benefits from their medical savings accounts but that they are covered at the lower of cost or Medical Aid Rate.

Genesis members also have access to the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre. Sound appealing? If Genesis Medical Scheme seems like a good option for you in 2018, click here for their full 2018 Benefits and Contributions brochure.


Here are the Genesis Medical Scheme benefits for 2018

2018_Genesis Benefits_and_Contributions_Infographic


All info was correct at time of publishing