Discovery Medical Plan Information for All

Discovery Health is the largest health care service provider in South Africa. Significantly, they enjoy an enviable AA+ rating from the independent rating agency Global Credit Ratings. There is a Discovery medical plan for everybody. The wide variety of options available to members will suit almost any budget and need.

Why opt for a Discovery medical plan?

  • The company enjoys a very strong financial footing, with more than seven billion Rand in reserves. Claims are paid promptly.
  • The range of products on offer caters for every conceivable need. This means that members are able to upgrade or even downgrade their plans as their circumstances change without having to approach another service provider.
  • The company boasts the lowest annual increases in their premiums when compared with all the other major players in this field.
  • Many plans offer cover when traveling internationally and members enjoy full benefits anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa, including emergency evacuations. In addition, the company owns its own evacuation helicopters stationed in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.
  • Some plans include cover for innovative medical technologies and expensive medicines. In some cases it is even possible to obtain treatment from specialists overseas if appropriate treatment is not available in South Africa.
  • Members have control over the cost of day-to-day medical expenses through their medical savings accounts. Unlike other companies, Discovery carries unused funds over.
  • A screening and prevention benefit allows for a wide range of preventive treatments and procedures.
  • Because the company is so large, they can offer affordable medical care due to the fact that they are in a position to negotiate better rates from hospitals, practitioners and specialists.
  • Members of this medical aid are eligible to join Vitality, a unique science-based program aimed at holistic wellness.


What Discovery medical plan should you choose?

The company offers a wide variety of plans, each designed for addressing specific needs and budgets. There are six series of plans:

  • The Executive plan is the most comprehensive product on offer. It offers extensive hospital benefits, day-to-day health care options and chronic illness benefits. Members also have full access to the latest medical technology.
  • The Comprehensive range of plans offers full hospitalization cover and excellent day-to-day health care benefits. Members also have access to funding for the very latest medical technology. In addition, members boast a unique savings plan to make provision for expenses above the prescribed thresholds.
  • The Priority range of plans offer a medical savings account to make provision for expenses that exceed the limits prescribed by a specific plan. Medication for may approved chronic conditions Discovery Medical Planare fully covered and members even have access to trauma recovery benefits.
  • Members of the Saver range of plans enjoy a high level of cover for hospital treatment, access to medicines for many chronic conditions and comprehensive cover for day-to-day medical expenses. Members are able to opt to use the Delta Network, which mean that they must make use of the Delta hospitals. This option makes all plans in this range much more affordable.
  • The Core series of plans offer members access to medication for some approved chronic conditions and a high level of in-hospital benefits. Members of these plans also have the option to choose the Delta Network option.
  • The KeyCare series of plans are aimed at the lower income groups. They aim to provide affordable care in a network of approved hospitals and primary care doctors.


All info was correct at time of publishing