Discovery Hospital Plan Details for South Africans

The Discovery hospital plan is just one of many health care products from this giant service provider. In fact, this medical scheme is the largest in South Africa. They enjoy an enviable credit rating of AA+, a feat few other serviced providers can equal.

Their various plans provide every possible level of health care to their members. Members are able to choose from six distinct series of plans. The best option will depend upon the financial means and medical needs of the member concerned.

Affordable medical care

Discovery Health recognizes the fact that there are many people that simply cannot afford comprehensive cover. However, they do require some level of affordable medical care.

And young people are healthy. They do not need full health cover.  So hospital Discovery Hospital Plan Informationplans are ideal for people that fall in these categories.

Medical care is extremely expensive and few people will be able to afford professional care if calamity strike or if they are the victims of accidents that require immediate and intensive care.

What does the Discovery hospital plan involve?

The company offers two plans in their KeyCare range that caters for cost-effective cover in cases of hospitalization. Both plans pivot on a network of previously approved hospitals, doctors and specialists. Members can therefore not choose the hospital where they want to undergo treatment. Members of these plans also have access to trauma recovery benefits.

  • Both plans cater for full cover when members go to any of the previously approved network of hospitals. The cost of specialist treatment is also fully covered, provided that the specialist participates in the KeyCare program. Members need to make sure that this is the case before engaging the services of a specialist. Cover is provided for a defined list of procedures only and member need to make sure that they are fully aware of the terms and conditions of the plan.
  • Members of the KeyCare Plus plan are able to receive treatment in the casualty unit of any of the approved hospitals in the KeyCare network, although they will have to pay the first hundred and eighty five rand of the consultation. KeyCare Core plan members do not enjoy this benefit.


More benefits

  • Members of both plans enjoy twenty one days’ benefit in cases of mental health and for alcohol and drug abuse treatment. The medical aid will carry the full cost of such treatments.
  • All members enjoy cover for a defined list of chronic illnesses. However, medication must be obtained from a pharmacy that is part of the network and the specific medication must be on the approved list of chronic medicines.
  • KeyCare Core members do not enjoy any day-to-day benefits. KeyCare Plus members have access to general practitioners, dentists and optometrists, provided that these professionals are part of the KeyCare network. They also have access to a wide range of disability benefits, including the purchase or hire of a wide variety of mobility devices.


Conclusion about the Discovery hospital plan

There can be little doubt that everybody need some form of cover for medical expenses the KeyCare plans will allow members to rest assured that they are covered in emergencies and that they will have access to the best possible care.

All info was correct at time of publishing