Resolution Hospital Plan

Resolution Health is one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa. They pride themselves on the fact that they are able to offer a variety of health care plans, including the Resolution hospital plan. It aims to provide the very best medical treatment for their members.

The company relies heavily on advanced technology to bring down cost and to thereby provide their members with more benefits. In fact, the company recently won in three different categories of the authoritative and prestigious Technology 100 survey.

What does this medical scheme offer?

There is only one pure Resolution hospital plan. This plan only makes provision for in-hospital expenses. Resolution Hospital PlanThe company has carefully weighed their options regarding the benefits offered because they want to offer cheap medical aid without resorting to cutting corners regarding the quality of care received by their members.

By concentrating on hospitalization benefits they are able to cover more conditions. They therefore do not consider treatment at an outpatient or trauma unit as a hospital event. And there is no cover for such treatment. However, it does include limited cover for trauma treatment in the benefits and there is an emergency casualty benefit.

Hospital benefits from Resolution

The medical aid will pay hospital costs in full. They can do this because they have standing agreements with the various hospital groups. Members must be aware, though; that the charges of surgeons and other medical specialists are paid at a hundred percent rate, but these charges may far exceed those rates. In such cases the member will be liable to pay the difference.

Hospital plans are affordable because they provide cover for true emergencies only. This plan, at a glance, offers members the following benefits:

  • In cases of hospitalization, Resolution will pay the full cost of the hospital. The scheme will pay a hundred percent of the scheme rate for the services of surgeons and anesthetists. The difference between this rate and the actual cost is for the account of the member. You need gap cover for that.
  • There is no annual limit for hospital event.
  • The plan includes the cost of take home medicines for a period of seven days after discharge from a hospital.
  • Full cover is provided for medication for twenty seven different chronic conditions. Once again, however, this cover is at scheme rates and members will have to pay costs that exceed this rate.
  • There are limits when it comes to certain procedures:
    1. There is a limit on cochlear implants to pay-outs of fifty five thousand six hundred and fifty Rand.
    2. Organ transplants are caped at eighty tree thousand two hundred Rand.
    3. Prosthesis is limited to forty four thousand three hundred Rand.
    4. There is a cap on hospice costs at sixteen thousand six hundred rand.


Conclusion about the Resolution hospital plan

Resolution offers a straight forward plan that allows their members to rest assured that they will receive the best possible care when calamity strikes. It is very important to keep the general health of each family in mind when opting for a specific plan. If there are pre-existing conditions that will require constant or frequent medical care, this plan may not be the ideal option. However, it is ideal for those that are fit and healthy and that simply needs cover for unforeseen emergencies.


All info was correct at time of publishing