Discovery Executive Medical Aid Plan

A good medical aid allows you to get the best health care there is in South Africa. There are many medical aid plans from many leading medical aid schemes. So you’re able to compare them to get appropriate cover. You’re advised to always pay close attention to exclusions to ensure you get the plan that’s closest to the health care you need. And the Discovery Executive Medical Aid Plan is something to consider.

The Largest Medical Aid Scheme, Discovery Executive Medical Aid Plan

As the biggest open medical scheme in South Africa, Discovery Executive Medical Aid PlanDiscovery Health offers a host of medical aid plans. Significantly, they always achieve a high credit rating of AA+ from the Global Credit Rating and their reserve funds of more than R8 billion confirm their financial strength.

Importantly, they also offer plenty of information as well as videos on going to the hospital, gap cover, co-payments as well as their health care benefits. One of their offerings if their Executive Medical Aid Plan. This plan is ideally suited to those requiring looking to have extensive medical cover.

It’s not cheap this Executive Medical Aid Plan and the main member will be paying R5, 544 each month for all the benefits it provides in 2017. Take a look at all the benefits coming your way in 2017.  Cover is extensive, but we look at just some of the features on this particular plan –

  • unlimited cover in a private ward in any private hospital and day to day expenses
  • you get guaranteed full cover in a hospital with specialists on a payment arrangement, otherwise up to 300% of the Discovery Health Rate for other specialists
  • you can enjoy access to advanced medical care here in South Africa as well as abroad
  • full cover for chronic medicine
  • additional cover when Medical Savings Account runs out such as blood tests, maternity costs, GP consultation fees and more
  • trauma cover
  • and the highest savings account – annual medical savings for main member R14 856


some in-hospital procedures with Discovery Executive Medical Aid Plan

– specialised radiology
– supplementary services such as physio

some out-of-hospital benefits with Discovery Executive Medical Aid Plan

– GP consultations, pathology, radiology, specialists consultations and supplementary services from day-to-day benefit
– maternity benefits – up to R1 750 per day for private war
– cancer oncology benefit – a co-payment of 20% required after first R400 000, unlimited palliative care cover and specialised medicine of R200 000 per person

  • dentistry – limited to R48,350 – all related accounts
  • optometry – R6 800 per person – 20% discount on lenses and frames at network optometrist
  • mental health
  • prosthesis
  • wellness benefits such as flu injection, mammogram, pap smear, etc
  • other benefits such as hearing aids, wheelchairs, HIV, emergency transport, etc


If you find that the Executive Medical Aid Plan has become too expensive and you want to change plans,then  with Discovery you should do this by December 31st for the next year.

So Discovery Health Medical Scheme remains the number-one medical scheme, and in 2017 they are going to be continuing to prioritise your health by improving members access to quality private healthcare through good plans, of which the Executive Medical Aid Plan is one.


All info was correct at time of publishing