Discovery Programmes Have Something for Everyone

In the 21ste century, apart from stress, there are four chronic conditions that account for over 50% of deaths across the globe. Significantly, these are heart disease, diabetes, lung disease and certain cancers. Importantly, Discovery Programmes from this leading medical aid can mitigate the effects.

Some risk factors that cause these chronic diseases are things like smoking, poor diet and not enough physical exercise. And yet today’s chronic diseases are preventable. And patients can control them if they follow good diets and exercise regularly. Importantly, Discovery medical scheme realises this full well

Discovery Programmes – Discovery Takes Care of Chronic Illnesses

Discovery ProgrammesWith Discovery Health Medical Scheme, you as a member will be covered for approved chronic medication for your particular condition.

Significantly, the benefit in their medical aid is called the Chronic Illness Benefit.  And this benefit covers approved medicines listed under their list of chronic conditions. So whatever your plan type you have with Discovery, it will list certain chronic conditions.

Significantly, all the health plans cover the chronic conditions. Also, this benefit also covers specific members for testing and consultations. Significantly, this will be for both the ongoing management and diagnosis of the Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions from Discovery.

Discovery Programmes – And Registration Necessary

You need to register for cover on the Chronic Illness Benefit. And remember that each dependant on your chosen plan needs to register independently on the Chronic Illness Benefit. And they must complete a Chronic Illness Benefit form to apply. Your doctor will then need to complete the sections that relate to your specific condition as well as treatment.

For additional chronic conditions you can opt for the Executive and Comprehensive Plans. In this case, Discovery will cover additional conditions over and above the ones stipulated in the Prescribed Minimum Benefits and also the Executive and Comprehensive Plans.

Fortunately, Discovery pays for certain medicines for the additional conditions up to a monthly amount: the Chronic Drug Amount.  Those members on the Executive Plan have exclusive access to and cover for a list of medicines in full. They will receive full cover for approved medicine on their medicine list under the Prescribed Minimum Benefit conditions.

For more information on these and other benefits, you only need to call the customer care lines or apply online.

Discovery Programmes – Discover the Benefits of being Healthy

Discovery’s personal health programmes attempt to make members healthy, with guidance along the way to manage their chronic conditions. Importantly, you don’t have to be a Discovery Vitality member to be part of this personal health programme. And remember that Discovery MedXpress is the service provider that Discovery uses for the delivery of chronic medicines for all the Delta and Core plans.

Firstly, you will follow the MedXpress process in order to have your medication delivered to your address.  Importantly, the Personal Health Programme you select will support your specific health requirements. Each of the programmes will use the latest research and clinical recommendations and research. The idea is to keep members motivated to improving their health.

So you can log onto your Discovery Medical Aid profile following your registration on the Chronic Illness Benefit. You can see the Personal Health Programme recommendations on My Discovery page. And Members of Discovery Vitality, who have no registration with the Chronic Illness Benefit, will be able to access the Personal Health Programmes just by logging onto their Discovery Vitality profiles. If you don’t have a profile, you can register for one. Then you will receive a Chronic Illness Benefit letter to say you have been approved.


All info was correct at time of publishing