Discovery Cancer Programme

You need to make every effort you can to combat cancer, a complicated disease with different traits. Chronic illnesses are covered under the Discovery Medical Aid. This benefit, called the Chronic Illness Benefit (CIB) falls under the management of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme. They are subject to certain rules, and members need to acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions.  Chronic diseases are ongoing diseases such as diabetes, or cancer for example. The Discovery Cancer Programme is a response to cancer challenges.

Discovery will cover you for cancer treatment under their programme known as DiscoveryCare Oncology programme. You need to let Discovery know as soon as you are diagnosed with a disease like cancer so that you can register straight away for the Oncology Programme otherwise called the Discovery Cancer programme. You will benefit from the benefits provided under the Chronic Illness benefit. You can call the customer care number which is 0860998877 or email  DCO

Discovery Cancer Programme – Getting started on the Road to a Healthier You

Discovery CancerOnce you apply for the Chronic Illness Benefit, Discovery will require copies of your histology and your pathology, and explain the road ahead for your cancer treatment. If you require cancer treatment, your specialist will need to send Discovery your treatment plan so that it can be approved and you can start with the treatment. Discovery will only fund the cancer treatment from their Oncology Benefit if your treatment plan is approved and meets all the terms and conditions.

You will have cover from the Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB), but you will need to use a healthcare provider who Discovery has a payment arrangement with. Your treatment must also match the treatments that are included as part of the specific benefits for your condition. Otherwise you will discover that you will need to make a co-payment.

Discovery Cancer Programme – How you are Covered

Depending on the health plan you have selected,  once you register on the DiscoveryCare Oncology Programme, the Discovery Cancer Programme will cover the first R200 000 or R400 000 of your previously approved cancer treatment. This will be over a 12-month cycle up to the Discovery Health Rate. Should your treatment go over this amount, Discovery will pay 80% of the fee whilst you will have to pay the balance. This amount can be more than 20% if the costs for your treatment are above the Discovery Health Rates.

Treatment provided regarding cancer by your cancer specialist as well as other health providers that add up to the twelve-month rand amount will include:

•    Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
•    Technical planning scans
•    Implanted cancer treatments such as prostate or cervical brachytherapy, etc.
•    Hormonal therapy connected to the cancer
•    Consultations with  your doctors
•    Fees from accredited facilities
•    Certain blood tests connected to the cancer
•    Materials used like drips and needles
•    Medicines listed on the medicine list for things such as nausea, depression, etc.
•    External breast prostheses as well as specialised bras
•    Stoma products
•    Oxygen
•    General pathology and radiology for your cancer that you will receive before and after the cancer treatment, and from the date that you registered on the DiscoveryCare Oncology Programme.

Discovery Cancer ProgrammeYou can manage your chronic health conditions with the Personal Health Programmes. These are set out to give you options of unique lifestyle programmes. These are created to assist you, along with your Premier Practice GP, to manage your chronic condition and to make you healthier.

Discovery Cancer Programme – Adopt a Fighter Attitude

If you have cancer, with Discovery Health and the Discovery Cancer Programme on your side, you can adopt a fighter attitude and enjoy a higher survival rate as you learn to accept the disease and educate yourself about the treatments.

All info was correct at time of publishing