TopMed Medical Aid Options Aim to Give Professionals a Healthier Life

TopMed medical aid options are tailored to meet a range of healthcare and medical needs, especially those suitable for professional people. The medical scheme has been in business for more than four decades. It is in partnership with several highly qualified, reputable partners. That ensures that levels of service are excellent across the board. These range from administrators to pharmacies and emergency service suppliers.

TopMed has a range of benefit possibilities that relate to prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) as well as chronic care cover and day-to-day cover.

Overall, the medical scheme has eight benefit options. These will appeal to individual professional people, as well as both small and medium businesses. All of them offer comprehensive private hospital cover and “insured major medical benefits”.

What the TopMed Medical Aid Options Offer

Topmed’s five medical aid plans include a low cost option with primary medical care available for students, a hospital plan, and a traditional medical aid plan. Other possibilities focus on a savings plan option, and one of them focuses on the needs of professionals.

Topmed Medical Aid OptionsAll the TopMed medical aid options allow members to access private hospitals of their choice without additional co-payments. Standard pre-authorisation does though apply. Insured major medical benefits also apply to all the TopMed medical aid options. Further more, the member and beneficiaries get 150 percent cover in hospital.

Most of the TopMed medical aid options also come with additional benefits, including specified pre-natal and maternity cover and additional wellness benefits. There are major medical benefits as well that provide access to extended rehabilitation for five major procedures a large proportion of the population needs at some time in life:

  1. Crime related trauma
  2. Heart attack
  3. Stroke
  4. Hip replacement
  5. Knee replacement

TopMed medical aid options include the full range of possibilities, from the old-fashioned so-called traditional plan, to a fully comprehensive possibility. There are enough options in between to keep most people happy.

The 7 TopMed Medical Aid Options

It is easy to see that the TopMed Limited medical plan is the most traditional of the TopMed medical aid options. While the medical aid pays hospital accounts directly, the member settles all the other costs for reimbursement. Generally members get 80 percent back for doctors’ bills and then the medical aid pays other provider and medical fees on a sliding scale.

Healthy Topmed MembersThe TopMed Network focuses on the primary care needs of young families, and cover is paid for the services of those who have been identified in the medical scheme network.

The pure hospital plan identified in the TopMed medical aid options is the TopMed Hospital Plan that provides peace of mind for those who recognise primarily that catastrophic events can happy.

More TopMed Options

Topmed medical aid options also incorporate savings accounts that help members with day-to-day expenses.
The TopMed Active Saver focuses on sporty people and families, and offers both unlimited private hospital cover along with a 20 percent medical savings account[] for those unpredictable day-to-day medical and health costs.

The TopMed Savings targets younger families that have some, but not a lot of, healthcare needs. There is a good balance of unlimited hospital and out-of-hospital cover.

The two top TopMed medical aid options areTopMed Paladin Comprehensive and TopMed Professional.

These two TopMed medical aid options cover established families and good earners. They are also ideal for those who are categorized as higher claimers.

You will need to thoroughly compare all the options before making a choice.



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