Thebemed Medical Aid Options Are Aimed at Families

Thebemed medical aid options provide quality health care that is affordable for members, particularly families.

Only blacks own Thebemed Medical Aid Scheme, which is part of the Thebe Investment Corporation. It started business in 1992. The Corporation originally had four trustees: Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Enose Mabuza and Rev. Beyers  Naude. It began as a community-based trust.

Today the medical aid scheme offers two Thebemed medical aid options:

1.    Universal Plan
2.    Energy Plan Scheme

Both of these Thebemed medical aid options offers something a little different to its members, giving them the freedom to choose which suits them and their families best. In addition, the medical scheme has partnered with Phela Wellness offering the Thebe Lifestyle Programme to help keep members fit and healthy.

The Two Thebemed Medical Aid Options

Thebemed Medical AidEach of the Thebemed medical aid options is quite different from the other. For instance, the Universal Plan, the scheme’s elite flagship, is for young families. It incorporates both extensive private hospital benefits as well as invaluable day-to-day cover.

Comparatively, the Thebemed medical aid options’ Universal Plan is the obvious entry-level option, at the same time covering all the basics. There is private hospital cover, comprehensive primary care cover, and cover for everyday health needs including access to specialists, optometry and dentistry. However, the medical aid scheme’s network of service providers must be used for this medical aid option.

The second of the Thebemed medical aid options caters specifically to mining organisations and miners. Like the Universal Plan, the Energy Plan also offers both day-to-day benefits as well as extensive private hospital cover. But clearly the clientele focus is different to those who are likely to sign up for the options. This is largely because miners very often live far distances from their families who need medical care just as much as they do.

Happy Thebemed CoupleThere are three subsidiary Thebemed medical aid options in the Energy Plan Scheme, the Energy Plan Core, Energy Plan Medium, and the Energy Open option. The core option gives access to just one designated service provider (DSP), usually a general practitioner. The medium plan allows access to three DSPs, and the open plan provides access to any doctor.
Linked to both of the Thebemed medical aid options,Thebe Lifestyle rewards those who take this option with additional benefits as well as various discounts.


Thebemed medical aid options are also linked to different benefit options known as Essence, Classic and Infinite. Of course ultimately the benefits paid out or covered depend on monthly payments.

Whichever one of the Thebemed medical aid options members choose, all members qualify for Thebe Lifestyle Programme, which is designed to increase the benefits offered by the medical scheme, and they don’t only relate to health. For instance the lifestyle programme offers a unique cellphone package that helps members to access benefits and also make various apps available. There are also benefits that relate to:

  • Funeral cover
  • Travel
  • Movies
  • Gym membership
  • Money market transfer
  • Legal assistance
  • Teaching help for kids
  • Shopping


All info was correct at time of publishing