Join the thousands who have a medical aid plan from Oxygen.

The Oxygen medical scheme, now the fourth largest, came into being in 2010 after a successful merge with Medshield.

Oxygen provides health cover for more than a quarter of a million people in South Africa. They can pay claims within a day and have a global credit rating of AA.

It is certainly one of the healthiest schemes in the country as far as their financial well-being is concerned! Members know that Oxygen has the systems and finance in place to honour their word.

What is Different about an Oxygen medical Scheme?

Oxygen has shown itself to be a major player in the health industry. From the start, low-cost cover and great service have been the main reasons for their growth.

They base Oxygen medical schemetheir success on four pillars related to service and quality healthcare –

  • All members, regardless of the plan they choose, have full access to a host of extra benefits such as hospital stays, chronic medicine, treatment for AIDS and a full oncology treatment plan.
  • They promise to pay claims within a single day and to answer calls within fourteen seconds. A survey shows that they keep their promises. This quick turn-around plan has earned the company a large number of loyal members. And consumer feedback sites agree.
  • A Medical Services Organisation offers members programmes to manage a list of chronic diseases. This list includes heart disease, asthma and diabetes.

Oxygen medical Scheme and the Plans they Offer

Plans designed for different target groups listed below. Members can upgrade their benefit as their circumstances change.

  • The Core Plus plan for fit and healthy younger people. A great plan for a family that can only afford cover for major medical costs. Major expenses include a no-limit hospital stay and limited access to chronic medicine.
  • The Essential plan offers low-cost cover for people with lower incomes. The members’ contribution is capped according to their income. A savings plan manages day-to-day costs.
  • The Standard plan is the most popular of the Oxygen products. It has cover for major costs and a full range of in-hospital benefits. It also allows you access to chronic medicine and day-to-day medical costs are managed by means of a savings plan.


Great service is one of the main reasons why Oxygen is at the top and has a high level of happy members. The company keeps to simple contracts and plans.

All info was correct at time of publishing