How unique is the Bonita medical scheme?

Most people prefer to stick with a company that has a good track record and a history of good service. The Bonita medical scheme certainly falls into this group.

Buyers must be careful about their health cover. If they find they have the wrong type of cover or the wrong plan, it won’t be easy to change.

Bonita medical scheme

Here is what’s Unique about a┬áBonita medical Scheme

Most people find it hard to understand the various benefits and advantages offered by some schemes. Bonitas medical aid, however, has taken great pains to keep their plans as simple as can be.

They do this by putting their benefits into three major sections.

Major medical Benefits –

This covers a stay in the hospital for a major medical event. You have to get prior approval for admittance except in cases of an emergency.

Members of the comprehensive plan can expect payouts of three hundred percent above the agreed scheme rate.

Members of the BonEssential and BonSave plans can bargain on a full medical rate payment. They may choose any hospital for treatment.

Chronic benefits –

Chronic covers the cost of long-term medication, however, you must get prior approval. As a BondSave or BondEssential member you get less benefits from prescribed service providers. Standard members get full cover for forty-two conditions to a maximum of six thousand nine hundred rands per person.

Out-of-hospital benefits –

This plan covers day-to-day medical costs that are not incurred in a hospital. Members of the BonComprehensive plan must have a top-up plan to save for the costs. And they have to manage the funds themselves.

BonEssential and BonSave members also need to have hospital plans for full cover. Standard and Primary plan members must use a GP that does not charge in excess of the agreed Bonitas tariff.

All members should consider gap plans, as not all medical costs incurred on a day-to-day basis are covered.

How to Get the Most affordable cover –

Consumers should always insist on their rights. The law requires providers to be transparent and to keep in touch with their members. But how do you get quotes you can afford?

  • Bonitas maintain a first-class online presence and react quickly to enquiries. Therefore it’s quick and easy to get a quote. However, if you are uncertain about something do not hesitate to ask.
  • The scheme can’t provide useful info if you don’t supply the correct data. The more information you provide the better the scheme will be able to advise on the best possible cover. Hiding any vital information is not productive and may lead to future problems with the service provider.

All info was correct at time of publishing