Bonita Medical Scheme


There are many medical aid schemes but most people prefer to rather stick with one of those that have a good track record and that has a history of serving their members. The Bonita medical scheme most certainly count among the latter.

Discerning consumers know that they need to be careful about their own health cover and that they will not be able to rectify matters if calamity strikes and they then find out that they have the wrong type of cover or even the wrong plan with an unscrupulous company.



 What is unique about Bonitas medical aid?

Most consumers find it difficult to interpret the various benefits and advantages offered by schemes. Bonitas medical aid, however, has taken great pains to simplify their various plans by categorizing their Bonita Medical Aidbenefits into three major sections.


  • Major medical benefits cover hospitalization and major medical events. In most cases, members will have to obtain authorization prior to admittance, however, except in cases of emergency. Members of the comprehensive plan can expect pay-outs of three hundred percent above the agreed scheme rate, while members of the BonEssential and BonSave plans can bargain on a full medical rate payment. Members may choose any hospital for treatment.


  • Chronic benefits cover the cost of medication for conditions that require medicines for a long time. In this case, too, members have to obtain prior authorization. BondSave and BondEssential members will receive the minimum benefits and only at prescribed service providers while Standard members receive comprehensive cover for forty two conditions, but to a maximum of six thousand nine hundred rand per person.


  • Out-of-hospital benefits are those that cover every day medical expenses that are not incurred inside a hospital. Members of the BonComprehensive plan will have to make provision for a top-up plan to save money for such expenses and they have to manage such funds themselves. BonEssential and BonSave members also need to take out hospital plans for full cover. Standard an Primary plan members have to visit a general practitioner that will not charge in excess of the agreed Bonitas tariff. It seems that in cases where hospitalization is not involved all members would be well advised to consider gap plans because the medical aid will not cover all medical expenses incurred on a day-to-day basis.


How to get the most affordable medical cover

Consumers should always insist on their rights. The laws governing schemes require them to be transparent and to maintain communication with members and potential members. But how to go about getting relevant and affordable quotes?


  • Bonitas maintain a very efficient online presence and they take great trouble to react quickly to enquiries. It is therefore easy and quick to get a quotation. However, if there is the slightest uncertainty then consumers should not hesitate to ask for clarification.


  • The scheme cannot be expected to provide useful information if the potential member does not furnish all the data that is necessary to advise and to assess the risk of the family. The more information that is provided the better the scheme will be able to advise on the best possible cover. Hiding any vital information is not productive and may lead to a meltdown in the relationship between the service provider and the member.