The GEMS medical scheme is the choice of thousands.

The Gems medical scheme is the fastest growing health scheme in South Africa. However, Gems is only open to employees of the government and so has millions of members.

The national and provincial governments plus municipalities are all free to join. The scheme also caters to pensioners.

Joining is not compulsory but the benefits are great. Members find that they won’t get a better deal anywhere else for the same monthly rate.

What benefits do the Gems medical Scheme have?

There are five different plans, each caters for certain target groups –

With the Sapphire plan, you can only consult doctors registered with the scheme and a visit to some other doctor makes you liable for the cost. The scheme must approve a visit to any specialist in advance.

Gems medical schemeThe Beryl plan is the same as the Sapphire plan. However, you have better access to chronic medicine and a savings plan takes care of day-to-day medical costs.

The Ruby plan is for people that suffer from a chronic disease. There are plans to make sure that the condition is managed in and out of the hospital. It also has a savings plan to pay the costs when out of the hospital.

You have to get approval for a hospital stay except for an emergency, and you must make use of approved doctors.

The Emerald plan is the same as the Ruby plan. However, included in this plan are asthma, cardio and mental wellness.

The Onyx plan is the flagship of Gems. It has comprehensive benefits that include full cover for in and out-of-hospital treatment. You get full access to specialists who must be approved in advance.

Gems medical Scheme – An affordable Plan for the People

As a government employee, you have access to one of the most versatile, financially sound and well-managed medical aid schemes. Feedback from members, auditor reports and their excellent credit rating is proof of this.

All info was correct at time of publishing