Why Is Health Cover Important in South Africa?

Private and public health systems exist in parallel in South Africa. The majority of the South African population has public healthcare. Which is continually underfunded, as well as understaffed. So why is health cover important?

On the other side of the coin, the wealthier 20% of the South African population use the private health care system and are much better served.

Why Is Health Cover Important in South Africa?

Health Cover ImportantIn South Africa, health cover is important to bridge the gap between poor and quality healthcare. As government hospitals face funding and staffing issues, doctor and specialist shortages, as well as equipment shortages.

Due to these constraints, patients often receive less medical care. And less timely care, which in turn cause worse health outcomes.

It’s a fact that most South Africans cannot afford health cover. But in recent years, a wider variety of cover is available to suit a much larger group of people.

Cover ranges from hospital plans, medical aids to hospital cash-out insurance.

Having health cover also gives South Africans peace of mind. Knowing they will get consistent care, no matter in which province they are, or what the emergency is.

It also financially protects you if you unexpectedly have to pay large medical costs. And members can rest assured knowing there won’t be any long delays in medical treatment because they don’t have funds to pay for it.

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