Makoti Medical Aid Builds Trust Relationships With Health Providers

The Makoti medical aid aims to provide top medical cover at reasonable rates.

Members of the Makoti medical aid scheme select a doctor as their GP whose services to the member and dependants will be covered by the medical aid. Unless it is an emergency, the member and his dependants can then only use this GP, which the Makoti medical aid believes is beneficial to improved health care.According to Makoti medical aid, these include the trust relationship that develops between doctor and patient, and the doctor getting to fully know the member’s health status and medical requirements.

What is medical aid?

Makoti medical aid offers two benefit options. The Makoti medical aid Primary Option covers unlimited primary health care from your chosen general practitioner, acute and chronic medication, basic pathology and radiology, ambulance services for medical emergencies, optometry and primary care dentistry benefits, and statutory prescribed minimum benefits.
Makoti Medical Aid for the Family




The Makoti medical aid Comprehensive Option includes unlimited primary health care from the chosen general practitioner, acute and chronic mediation, hospitalisation including step down care, specialist services, pathology and radiology, ambulance services for medical emergencies and statutory prescribed minimum benefits.

Optometry, dentistry and other services are provided by accredited Makoti medical aid providers.

Makoti medical aid is an open scheme, which means that members of the public can join it.

Medical aid comparisons

There are many medical aids in South Africa –Discovery medical aid, Makoti medical aid scheme, Momentum Health, Netcare medical aid and Oxygen medical aid to mention just a few.  When comparing all medical aids available to you, be critical and consider the benefits a medical aid such as Makoti medical aid offers you.

Makoti Medical AidFor example, what is the extent of the medical cover, what are the limits on medical expenses, what are the conditions for claiming and, especially if you are older, what are the chronic benefits. Don’t be distracted by nice to haves –make sure the medical aid you choose is the best medical aid both for your individual needs and that of your dependants.Also, request medical aid quotes from different medical aids to ensure that you also find the most affordable scheme for your needs.

Council for medical aid schemes

Makoti medical aid is an accredited scheme with the Council for Medical Schemes, which supervises the medical aid industry on behalf of the South African government. The extensive and very vital industry overseen by the Council for Medical Schemes has around 100 closed and open schemes, of which Makoti medical aid is one. The Council for Medical Schemes strives to ensure that the medical aid industry provides fair and equal access and services to the public. It achieves this by publishing information on all the medical aid schemes so that the public is fully informed of the benefits of the schemes, their obligations to the scheme, etc.

The Council for Medical Aid Schemes also operates as a type of ombudsman for the industry to ensure that complaints from members of medical schemes are addressed appropriately. It also provides a range of other services such as ensuring compliance with South Africa’s Medical Schemes Act, acting as an advisory body to South Africa’s Minister of Health and facilitating ongoing improvement to medical aid schemes and the way they operate.