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What is Ingwe medical aid?

A medical aid such as Ingwe medical aid is a fund to which you contribute. It ensures that you are able to pay for treatment from a GP, specialist or hospital.  Medical aids such as Ingwe medical aid cover the costs of private medical care and medical costs. These can arrise from an accident or illness. They also cover other medical-related conditions such as pregnancy and child birth.

There are more than 70 medical aids in South Africa. These range from specialist health insurance providers, such as Ingwe, to medical cover provided by the larger insurance companies.

Ingwe Medical Aid

Ingwe Medical Aid StudentThere are also various types of medical aid cover from providers such as Momentum Health, which offers Ingwe medical aid, including the more expensive comprehensive medical aid plans which cover day-to-day medical expenses such as GP and dental visits, medicine required on an ongoing basis for chronic conditions and hospitalisation and associated treatment and medication. The more affordable Hospital Plan covers medical costs only if you are in hospital. So it is more suitable for the young and healthy. Gap Cover covers the outstanding amount between what you are charged and what your medical aid pays when you are hospitalised. That is because as private hospitals may charge more than what a medical aid covers. (Consider taking out medical gap cover to insure the shortfall.)

When choosing a medical aid, shop around and compare all medical aids, including Ingwe medical aid. Try to find the best medical aid that suits your lifestyle, family needs and financial situation. Also be aware that there is generally a three month waiting period when you join a medical aid scheme. You cannot submit a claim until the waiting period is over. There is also usually a twelve month period during which you are not covered for a pre-existing condition.

Medical aid contributions to Ingwe medical aid and other medical aids also offer the benefit of being partly tax deductible.

Medical aid for students

Ingwe Medical AidThere are many medical aid plans offered specifically for students from companies, such as Momentum Health, Liberty medical aid, Ingwe medical aid and Discovery Health. These plans offer good health cover at very low monthly contributions and are open to both local and foreign students. Some medical aids, such as Ingwe medical aid, part of the Momentum medical aid stable, specialise in medical aid for foreign students only. Ingwe medical aid provides a combination of low monthly premiums, a loyalty programme and cover for private hospitals and specialist expenses. In addition to the normal medical cover, Ingwe medical aid for foreign students offers emergency repatriation and, in the case of death, the repatriation of their mortal remains.

Cheap medical aid

A cheap medical aid does not mean the best medical aid cover as seeking out a medical aid with low premiums may be at the expense of the medical cover provided.   You may spend less each month but dramatically more during sickness or hospitalisation. – expenses that can be crippling.

Don’t go for the cheapest medical aid but rather opt for the most cost-effective, such as Ingwe medical aid – one that offers the right benefits and hospitalisation cover at a price you can afford. Remember if you are a healthy person, hospital plans may be right for you and your tight budgets. You will have to pay your own day-to-day medical expenses, but these plans usually offer sufficient hospital cover. Without such hospital cover, the costs of major procedures and hospitalisation can spiral out of control.

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