What’s the Point of Medical Aid?

What’s the Point of Medical Aid?


  1.  They protect you from increasing health care costs
  2.  With medical aid you’re able to pay for medical treatments
  3.  You’re protected financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury
  4.  Nobody knows what their medical status will be next year
  5.  Having a medical aid takes this worry from you
  6.  A medical aid is the gateway to getting better health care


What’s the Point of Doing WITHOUT Medical Aid


Medical aid in South Africa is by no means cheap and for many South Africans the temptation to go with medical aid is strong. With expensive monthly premiums, you may well be wondering if you really need health insurance.

Young people particularly feel that ill health is part of being old and they can rather skip having a medical aid. It can be tempting when you’re young, strong and healthy to go without medical aid.


What’s the Point? Young People get Seriously Ill Too


While young people can be 100% sure that they aren’t going to die of old age, they can’t have the same guarantees with health and injuries. Young people also get diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Medical emergencies can cripple you financially. Look at Michael Schumacher – a young, vibrant successful F1 racing what's the point whats the pointdriver put out of action for life with a skiing accident. That was years ago and he is still receiving treatment and faced with life-long medical bills. A celebrity like him can afford the payments, but how will the man on the street manage financially with such a life-changing accident?

Any kind of accident and injury and the subsequent treatment can put you out of work for life – no more earning money for you. Very few people can afford medical costs without medical aid.


Avoiding seeing a Doctor adds to Your Woes


Also, when you don’t have medical aid, you tend to avoid minor ailments which can turn into something major if not attended to. With medical aid you can afford preventive medicine and quick treatment.

If you have a serious medical condition and only then decide to buy medical aid, you may have a difficult time finding a medical aid who will be willing to cover your illness.

With this in mind, you can see that medical aid in South Africa isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Don’t be put off by getting a good medical aid because you believe them all to be expensive. There are some medical schemes that stand out from the rest –

  • Selfmed is a registered, open medical aid scheme
  • They have offices throughout South Africa
  • They’re a no-frills medical scheme – no paying for unwanted movie tickets and glossy magazines
  • Selfmed is experienced – they were established in 1965
  • They’re a medical scheme regulated by The Medical Schemes Act no.131 of they’re committed to conducting business in an ethical manner
  • Their solvency level is well in excess of legislative requirements – this means they’re more than capable of paying out claims.


Medical Aid is Synonymous with Good Medical Care


Belonging to a good, reputable medical aid scheme is an excellent way to look out for your health. No-one wants to land up in a public hospital, and having medical aid ensures you get good care in a private hospital.

The right medical scheme can give you such relief and peace of mind. Selfmed is a medical scheme where what you see is what you get. No paying high premiums because of unnecessary add-ins that don’t help your health one bit.

Choose Selfmed– they’re a respected South African medical aid scheme who can help you change your jaundiced views on medical aids in South Africa because their mission is affordable, no-frills medical aid for every kind of South African.

All info was correct at time of publishing